Ecoworld Top Joint Stock Company

Ecoworld Top Joint Stock Company (JSC) cooperates with international organizations and groups to be a direct investment trend between Vietnamese and foreign enterprises in international integration, assessing the advantages and disadvantages of when conducting direct investment abroad.



Development of super projects Ecoworld City

Ecoworld City is a super project with a total investment of about 80-100 billion dollars in 30 years. Planning 4,000 – 10,000 ha with the same objective of building infrastructure, sustainable urban development. Ecoworld City aims to become a creative city in the future, favored by infrastructure investment and convenient urban transportation connecting the whole city and provinces in the region.


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Photo: Future creative city


The unique highlight of Ecoworld City is the chain of international training schools, universities, hospitals, healthcare, full range of shopping, exhibition and entertainment centers services in the world. This is also an international school system which is planned to build synchronously in the project campus.


Development and application of technology in Real Estate

Technology 4.0 is applied by Ecoworld Top in Real Estate, bringing technology into the real estate project management again a new point, which is interested by many investors and customers. At projects of Ecoworld Top Joint Stock Company, proactively applying 4.0 technology to Real Estate helps investors, customers can manage buildings, manage the system more easily.


By the media, customers can search and access information of large and small projects, quickly and easily anytime, anywhere. Application of technology helps investors save costs but bring high efficiency and professionalism.


Up to now, the real estate market has applied new advances in information technology to collect customers’ information, taking advantage of it through social networking sites to carry out business and promotion activities, introducing projects and products to customers and studying the application of Blockchain technology in the real estate business.


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Photo: Technology applications in real estate


The models built on the basis of Technology 4.0 are expected by many experts to help solve difficult problems in the real estate distribution industry, optimize resources, operate processes, and distribute real estate. Now on application of information technology in Real Estate industry is a tendency to help businesses improve management capacity, increase profits and bring benefits to customers.


Real Estate Construction and Development 2020-2050

For socio-economic development, strong attraction for the real estate market to develop. Realizing that the market this year has many positive changes in the demand for real estate. Real estate in Vietnam is a vibrant, prosperous, stable market for many years. Coming to Vietnam and investing for profits, finding a job or living, studying is everyone’s dream. Currently, towards the dream of owning Vietnam Real Estate is not too far away for foreign investors.


Adjust construction planning, urban planning, related fields on the basis of ensuring synchronization, consistent with the orientation in the contents of the construction planning adjustment project to 2020 to 2050.


With the goal of dominating the real estate, finance and technology application markets, Ecoworld Top products will be launched in the future.


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