Ecoworld family culture

Ecoworld Family is the culture of Ecoworld Inc. Ecoworld Inc. always desires to create the best working environment with open space, good remuneration policies to create a creative working environment, free to develop oneself. That is also the premise to build Ecoworld Family Culture.


Ecoworld Family


Building the most ideal working environment

There are many benefits to living and working in an enclosed space. With the open space, you will feel like the space is expanding, allowing you to have more options in interior design. Open spaces always create an open working environment and encourage employees to work creatively.


Ecoworld family

Photo: Open space encourages employees to work creatively


The openness in work helps employees feel comfortable, so that they can maximize creativity and work better. Only when working in an environment that is comfortable to be themselves, can individuals confidently contribute knowledge, talents and not be afraid to be judged when making new ideas. The environment is always full of joy and affection among employees, where all achievements are always recognized and encouraged by leaders.


But not many companies do this, because it is never easy to overcome prejudices. Companies that succeed in cultivating an individual must abandon certain organizational orders. Mechanism and policy of employee engagement. It is no coincidence that large enterprises, especially those in developed countries, such as Japan, always find ways to retain employees. One of the competitive advantages among companies today is that they are creative, critical and enterprising, but because they are excellent employees, it is difficult to obtain. , how to retain talents is a more difficult problem.


Many companies try to encourage employees by rewarding and rewarding financially based on performance. Personnel well versed in the company are what most can even say that any business owner or organization wants. However, 21st century workers want more from work than just financial benefits.


Creative environment, free self-development. Creativity that does not have any boundaries, encourage subordinates to express their creativity with what they already know to promote talent has not been revealed. Highly motivated employees often work better, have better skills and are always ready to acquire new knowledge. They also engage in work more regularly, work longer, and have more creative solutions to solve problems.


Environment friendly, virtual reality applications

Virtual reality is a computer technology used to build a fantasy environment, or “copy” a real environment with “lifelike” images, sounds and feelings. Virtual reality applications have come a relatively long way. Many people still have difficulty implementing and applying it effectively. Meanwhile, industries such as retail and entertainment, marketing and fashion are realizing this value.


Ecoworld family

Photo: Virtual reality applications


In particular, virtual reality applications in Education are highly appreciated for creating new ways of teaching. In healthcare, virtual reality helps to effectively learn and train hands-on. The app even supports mental health disorder treatment.


Media and marketing media have new and attractive content when applying virtual reality. Interior, fashion, real estate industries have the opportunity to burst with virtual reality. In order to survive, businesses need innovation to rise above their competitors. Applying virtual reality has become a trend, and a race for companies and businesses. Applying this in the workplace environment brings cohesion and helps employees reduce stress during stressful working hours.


This is what Ecoworld Family has been and will continue to build for the Group. Because of a growing internal culture, which is what Ecoworld Group always aspires to develop for its employees.


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