Ecoworld Business Joint Stock Company

Ecoworld Business Joint Stock Company is a company specializing in providing solutions to build an open business environment in combination with Eco supply chain.


The Startup ecosystem chain from performance analysis considers outputs, successful growth stages and overall ecosystem values. Ecoworld Business constantly supports startups to build a strong competitive advantage to accompany and develop.


Ecoworld Business


Ecoworld Business is a supplier, creating a sustainable development ecosystem for technology and an open business environment, which is also an ecosystem for startups and for renting virtual offices.


Open Business Environment – ECO supply chain


With the philosophy of fairness, openness and mutual cooperation, we create favorable conditions to ensure the consistency in business operations from suppliers. Vietnam is a young and extremely vibrant market, the open business environment has always attracted a lot of attention of investors and businesses large and small throughout the country.



Photo: Open business model


Not only businesses but smart founders are constantly looking for expanded opportunities in all areas of manufacturing and investment. Vietnamese businesses always expect the breakthrough growth of Vietnam’s economy in the coming time.


Virtual office for rent


With Ecoworld Business, businesses inherit supply and auxiliary services for the company and businesses at low cost and convenience. With 4.0 technology, business units make the most of the network and profit diversification. Virtual office is currently a new service for special customers. Reduce costs and increase work efficiency, startups link up with other businesses in the same office service provider, partners and support each other in the development process.


Coming to virtual offices, businesses can expand branches in major cities quite easily and customers can access information more conveniently.


Photo: Modern virtual office


Ecoworld Business Joint Stock Company provides virtual office seating, small-scale package offices, hourly meeting rooms for small to very small businesses, freelancer groups, research representatives market research … is operating in Vietnam. Ecoworld Business’s shared office service meets all the requirements of a professional office: a comfortable, modern working space, located in the most favorable center of the city, not only brings This is a great image for the company, but also saves time and money.


Besides, we also understand the concerns and doubts of customers on issues related to legal procedures for licensing, Taxation and Accounting… when deciding to build and develop an Enterprise of self. Ecoworld Business is proud to bring full-service services to support business registration, consulting as well as solving tax and accounting issues, helping your business solve common difficulties when entering the business joint.


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