Ecoworld Building Joint Stock Company

Ecoworld Building is a company that provides construction, rental and rental solutions for buildings and commercial real estate, along with the provision and integration of connected services to optimize the resources of real estate. commercial property in association with Ecoworld Building.


Developing and duplicating the Smart Building model in cities, international financial centers is the vision and mission of Ecoworld Building Joint Stock Company. In order to bring the best construction solutions and services to meet customers’ expectations, helping customers achieve their goals in the long-term business strategy.


Ecoworld Building


Not only targeting small and medium enterprises, Ecoworld Building also serves large enterprises, multinational corporations with a scale of up to thousands of employees. By Ecoworld Building can lease the entire floor with an area of ​​up to 3000m2. It can be said that this is a rare company in the region that can provide such a large office floor, satisfying the needs of multi-staff companies and a tendency to thrive in the future.



Ecoworld Building Joint Stock Company can be considered as the owner of the most diverse and flexible real estate in the region. The abundance of office space is not only for customers, but also for a number of businesses that “find it difficult” to choose the right area for their size.


Sublease the Exploitation Buildings

In the context of socio-economic development and investment from domestic and foreign enterprises, the search for a quality and modern office greatly benefits the company’s business activities. Therefore, the need to search for rental offices is one of the most important and top priority businesses.



In order to improve product quality, conquer the increasing tastes of customers, the re-renting of buildings must be modernly designed with open and airy space to ensure the light of the corridor and the air circulation. . This proves that developers are becoming more and more professional, they not only sell but also bring customers the convenience, turning buildings into a cultural community.


With attractive rental rates and preferential policies, the building is suitable for many businesses and tenants, especially this is a must-see option for businesses looking for cheap and professional office space in big cities.


This is a form of renting an office building, then subletting it. This method uses buildings and assets that businesses have rented and sub-leased to the office floor so that they can receive the difference in profits or divide that leased floor into many areas with many areas. and then subleasing each area to the outside businesses. This form brings more benefits to units and locations for renting offices such as long-term efficiency, high and stable profit.


Many real people choose built houses to reduce the costs incurred when building houses. Instead of buying land and building houses, they look for ready-built units worth as much as an apartment for long-term ownership. The central area of ​​Ho Chi Minh City is the choice of the majority. If pre-built houses in Q.9 area are already quite high, many people now move to District 12, Hoc Mon, Cu Chi or Binh Chanh to have a softer price. Even, many real buyers have less cash flow to buy a shared house to have a soft price, suitable for financial resources.


Invest in building new buildings

The location of high-rise buildings is usually located in the leading real estate areas. The high-rise buildings offer their own restaurants on the ground floor and some shops help residents to enjoy delicious meals in just a few minutes without going outside the building.



Facing the needs of society, many ideas about green buildings and durable materials have been put forward and contributed greatly to the common development of humanity.


Not only contribute to protecting the environment, construction works using this new material will be able to be intact after a natural disaster.


High-rise buildings bring many benefits such as increasing accommodation, reducing expensive housing costs in big cities. In addition, these works also show the culture and prosperity of a country, while changing the appearance of cities.


Developing high-rise buildings may be a good option for cities, but they are by no means a cure-all. For skyscrapers in Asian cities, they can create a “barrier” to prevent external interaction.


Construction services in high-rise buildings, especially high-rise buildings, will provide certain facilities.


High-rise buildings are not only environmentally friendly because of the green space contained therein, but also support the management of energy factors.


Link exploitation and development services

Over the past few years, the development of the Service industry has achieved remarkable results, but still not commensurate with the potential and requirements of the country’s economic development. In the context of Vietnam accelerating restructuring associated with renewing the growth model, improving national competitiveness, service development requirements have great significance, not only directly creating motivation for development but also create and consolidate connectivity, ensure output for industry – agriculture and spillover effects to all sectors of the economy. This is an opportunity for service industries to come together


Linking exploitation and development of services has helped to enhance the efficiency of exploitation, attract customers, diversify products, and contribute to awakening the potential of service industries.


Service of connecting Building Building to support large corporations, in many countries and cities, to use human resources and supply services.


In all areas of operation, Ecoworld Building Joint Stock Company has proved its pioneering role, anticipating new consumption trends, bringing to market the products and services of international standards and experiences. completely new experience with a modern lifestyle. Certainly in 2019, we will be able to continue to see other advancements of Ecoworld Building – Stronger, firmer.


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