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Ecoworld Discovery Joint Stock Company (JSC) is a pioneer in technology, innovation and innovation to create the best products and services. We are always dedicated in all activities to bring businesses growing.

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Shared Real Estate Operations Management

Shared property has been developed for a long time in the world but in Vietnam has only thrived in recent years. Vietnam is making strong changes, attracting not only domestic but also international investors to invest in real estate. Therefore, dragging the development of real estate investment in resorts, offices, hotels, resorts … to meet the needs of residence and resort.


Ecoworld discovery

Photo: Real estate sharing


Investors buy and hand over to the investors to operate the lease, the investors are allowed to share profits from the rental business. This is a safe, effective and safe investment channel.


Tours and media events held at Ecoworld City development sites.


Successfully building tours and organizing media events at development sites of Ecoworld City is a premise to give trust to customers. But developing transparent and professional services, operations, project management is the premise that customers always trust.


Ecoworld discovery

Photo: Organization of media events


Ecoworld Discovery JSC always hopes to develop Ecoworld City into a resort with many different marks. Ecoworld City is a closed ecosystem for real estate – finance – technology applications, always aims to a Green – Clean – Modern living environment. Through tours and organizing events, we are constantly striving and increasingly asserting our position in the service industry in general, one of the top choices of young people. motivated, creative and passionate.


Jointly organizing the operation of training centers and exhibitions

Organizations associated with training centers are a popular trend in the world, are considered to be an effective solution to improve the quality of training, scientific research and technology transfer.


The provision of vocationally-trained labor to enterprises is conducted through vocational training activities of non-enterprise job-training establishments, vocational training establishments of enterprises and labor training for enterprises.


In the past time, initially there was a connection between the school and businesses in vocational training. The connection between the school and the enterprise has many advantages such as apprentices, trained with many occupations suitable to the actual needs of the business.


Participation in international trade fairs helps businesses have opportunities to interact with domestic and foreign businesses. This is also an opportunity for businesses to track and understand the situation, business as well as strategic moves of competitors from other countries.



Photo: International trade fair


International trade fair is a gathering place for potential customers who really care about the product, and can timely assess customer response. For consumers, this is an opportunity to compare products of different businesses in order to find the best option.


Development of partners for Ecoworld Business JSC and Ecoworld City JSC

In the future, Ecoworld Discovery JSC will develop in tandem with partners Ecoworld Business – The chain of office systems for virtual leasing and Ecoworld City JSC – The first smart, technological city model the world’s first.


The core value is to create sustainable value in the future to help customers and partners identify the company and businesses more clearly and in detail. Developing with partners is an opportunity as well as a great challenge, which requires improving competitiveness not only with capital, business strategy, technology, productivity, quality, efficiency, and models. product code but also by reputation, brand and business ethics.


Always be active and creative in order to adapt to changes in the market, make a difference, diversify products and services to best meet the needs of customers.


The cooperation between Ecoworld Discovery JSC – Ecoworld Business JSC – Ecoworld City JSC aims to build trust and realize the value and contribution of all members. The openness and desire to invest in partners’ skills and knowledge will provide an opportunity to complete the work together to learn, support and grow together.


Ecoworld City Joint Stock Company wishes to create favorable conditions for Ecoworld City JSC to work and develop. Ecoworld Discovery has become a livable paradise, an attractive tourist destination with strong tourism growth.


High quality resort ecology, regional and international stature with modern, green, friendly and safe living environment; a dynamic, efficient economic area with high-class services, entertainment, trade centers, exhibitions – large and modern international conferences nationwide, regional and international will turn this place into the dreamy living paradise of every home.


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