Ecoworld Land Joint Stock Company

Introduction of Ecoworld Land Joint Stock Company of Ecoworld Inc.

Ecoworld Land is the largest online and offline real estate exchange in Vietnam under “Shared Property” model.


As a company specializing in trading and brokerage of Real Estate products invested by Ecoworld Land, at the same time participating in trading and brokering products of other real estate projects nationwide.


Ecoworld Land works to provide the best quality products and commercial services, creating added value for customers, benefits for investors and shareholders.

With a team of young, dynamic, professionally trained leaders and employees. Being more and more mature and mature from difficulties, challenges and continuing to develop its strengths in real estate brokerage, investment and business, and at the same time, aiming to become a company. Leading real estate sharing domestically and internationally.


Ecoworld Land is constantly upgraded, taking people as the center of development. Ecoworld Land promises to bring you and your family a fresh living space and connect with nature


With a team of young, dynamic and professional leaders, who are professionally trained and challenged, with the trust of our partners, customers and shareholders.


ecoworld land


Ecoworld Land Real Estate Exchange

Ecoworld Land is a real estate trading floor specializing in real estate trading, transfer, lease, sublease and lease purchase.


In addition, Ecoworld Land regularly organizes the sale, transfer, lease, sublease, lease purchase of Real Estate; checking papers on real estate to ensure eligibility for transactions; act as an intermediary for parties to exchange, negotiate and sign contracts on real estate sale, transfer, lease, sublease, lease purchase, introduction, listing and public disclosure of information on real estate. movable assets for parties wishing to conduct transactions;


With the motto “onlineize” Real Estate transactions

Ecoworld Land real estate trading floor is a reliable place, ensuring safety for transactions and parties involved in real estate transactions

Conducting transactions on the trading floor, the participating subjects do not have to pay the price, customers are fully and fully served with professional services.

Ensuring the control of the state by starting from the establishment process, the establishment content through which the operation of the trading floor contributes to stabilizing the real estate market.

Always aim at challenging levels, work meticulously, and aggressively at work. Ecoworld Land always updates the fastest and standard information from the market, in order to offer the best and professional service.
Real estate trading

Operating in the field of Real Estate, Ecoworld Land specializes in selling and leasing high-end and resort projects across the country. Capture the needs of the market. Ecoworld Land has gradually applied 4.0 technology into the management process as well as operating throughout its business system.

Ecoworld operates in the field of Real Estate specializing in selling and leasing high-end projects across the country.

Online real estate trading is now considered a new but extremely potential real estate investment trend. With a mission and strategic vision as well as capture the needs of the market, the trend of real estate investment online is the investment trend of the new era.


Real Estate project development

Ecoworld Land projects focus on big, small and resort projects. With a convenient location for transportation when you want to move in big cities.

Focusing on the high-end customer segment projects focusing on ideal living space, modern utilities and fresh living environment, these are the factors that make customers pay attention.

From practical experience with many years of experience in the field of real estate and understanding the real estate market is changing daily. Staffs are always enthusiastic, dedicated consultants, Ecoworld Land has always been trusted and accompanied with customers and always invested in projects, development ideas, in-depth analysis of the market. Ecoworld Land is committed to optimizing investment efficiency for customers and partners.


Ecoworld Land is always a bridge between investors, project developers, customers always bring harmonious and equipment benefits to the parties.




Acquired and cooperated with Renew to reuse old real estate projects.
Co-operating to develop real estate projects in big cities, resorts, …
The largest open and online offline real estate trading floor in Vietnam with shared real estate model.
Ecoworld Land is increasingly building trust with customers with large-scale real estate projects, including: Real estate for rent and Resort real estate. Besides, Ecoworld Land will apply technology closer to human life.


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