Blockchain One Touch – Spotlight technology in 2019 in Korea

#Blockchain One Touch event provides a comprehensive overview of digital technology. Especially the development trend of Blockchain, AI and Fintech in the current context and future development potential.


On November 29, Blockchain One Touch event took place in Seoul, South Korea. Has attracted more than 300 guests, important partners and potential customers to attend.



Blockchain One Touch is organized by Ecoworld, aiming to provide an international exchange forum to share and connect with investors and businesses who are interested in applying technology and creating a sustainable development platform.


#Blockchain One Touch – Sharing a global connected ecosystem called Ecoworld


Taking advantage of the strengths of Blockchain technology, Ecoworld has applied in practice, launching new products named Ecoshare, EcoID, Ecotouch, EcoChain … These are new applications that will be officially developed in 2020. , efforts to build an ecosystem based on Blockchain combined with Internet of Things Technology (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data, creating the most intelligent city. All these applications have the mission to connect everything with just one touch, the information will be stored and encrypted on a secure system with the highest information security.


Participants will have the opportunity to learn more about the practical development roadmap of Blockchain technology in all projects in the Ecoworld ecosystem and find opportunities for parallel investment.


Blockchain One Touch – Mark the launch of cryptocurrency exchange



Besides the sharing of solutions Blockchain, events Blockchain One Touch in Korea this time was pressed milestone officially launched the market’s electronic trading platform money. Open up a new investment channel can resist the lure, with little capital trends, profitability much, promises to bring the excitement for modern economies.


Get the core development Blockchain One Touch solution, aiming to conquer the Asian market, electronic trading, currencies and asset classes are encoded into the token, using intermediate currency is PAYA to the transaction, will bring a breakthrough in the technology revolution 4.0. Thus, in the next 10-20 years, to make sure that the financial world will change more than what has happened so far.


She Kellya Kenya – Director of Solution Payasian said transaction will support most of the electronic money is like BTC, ETH, PAYA, ECO, USDT … Also integrated are many other payment methods together: Visa card, Master card … help the investor can use a credit card to buy assets electronic money directly on the trading floor, ensuring user-friendliness and the strong performance, high security to towards a world without cash by the bank without borders.


According to the roadmap development, Blockchain One Touch platform, in addition to the application of electronic currency trading platform then Ecotouch – mobile app “Shopping – accumulate points – refund – payment” will be just one touch debut at the next event 11 – 12/01/2020 in Malaysia.


Besides, the event also had the participation of renowned speakers, he Seungeun Myung – CEO Venture Square. By his experiences, all his share to bring useful information, enables representatives of businesses find new development and more efficient in the management and operation.


Additionally, events Blockchain One Touch This time there is the appearance of two girl groups are popular in Korea is Prism and Sixbomb, and attract attention, special attention from the media agencies press, such as:


Don’t forget the upcoming event roadmap of Ecoworld Group:

  • 11/01/2020 introduced BOT and launched EcoTouch – One-touch ecosystem – in Malaysia
  • 30/05/2020 launched BOT – Ecochain in Hong Kong
  • 30/09/2020 launched Ecobank in Singapore
  • 2022 launches Ecoworld City in Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia.


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