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Currently, many cryptocurrency exchanges have been created, ensuring prestige and safety, creating a quality market for investors to feel secure to participate. However, for those who are just beginning to learn about how to trade virtual currencies, it can be quite confusing to get involved. Therefore, this article will help you understand how to invest in Vietnam virtual currency and the benefits of participating in trading to gain a specific grasp on this market.


In order to participate in cryptocurrency trading, investors must have a certain knowledge of this market. At least know what Bitcoin is? How to trade bitcoin? Because Bitcoin is the currency that represents the virtual currency market and also the foundation for other coins to grow. Then slowly penetrated this field.

Those who are just beginning to play virtual money should prefer to choose exchanges that are safe and stable, multi-device, multilingual support, high performance and liquidity, especially low transaction fees. to easily profit from the spread between the currencies sold and bought into as


PAYASIAN.IO APPLICATION BACKGROUND TECHNOLOGY BLOCKCHAIN uses Blockchain platform – is a powerful ecosystem, providing transactions with high security, reliability and liquidity, and choosing the best quality tokens and coins to bring to the market. deal. With a solid foundation in technology, always maintains a strong service quality, high stability even in the hot phase of the market.


When joining, the most fastidious traders must be satisfied, because not only good technology but also the advanced service section to catch the milestones in the process of growth and recognition of cryptocurrencies as a kind of property from institutions.


LARGE VOLUME TRADER TRADERS ARE ENJOYED FOR PREVENTION OF VIETNAMESE SERVICES will apply a tiered discount program to customers. The bigger the deal, the bigger the deal. This is one of the extremely attractive policies of compared to other cryptocurrency exchanges. In addition, for business customers, constantly improves the account management process, upgrading the back-end structure to better suit the needs of customers. Special services include custom APIs and withdrawal limits. In addition, the exchange has also integrated the Payasian Research room feature to provide in-depth information about blockchain projects to improve the transparency and quality of information in the market for investors.



SIMPLE ACCOUNT PROCESS OF is a virtual currency transaction in Vietnam with a simple registration process for customers. After completing the account registration process on Payasian, you can perform “surfing” right away. However, at this time you are only at level 1, can only withdraw 2 BTC within 24 hours, if you want to upgrade to the 24 hour withdrawal limit of 100 BTC, you need to verify the account, business customer management specialist’s business will help you.


In addition, the API system of also allows customers to directly access the Payasian platform with many different customization options, to ensure maximum benefits and transfer and transaction benefits for customers.


Besides, Payasian also added the tracking feature for the sub account: transaction history, open order … also transfers money without charge between the sub accounts, complete control of the sub account including 2FA reset. , delete API keys / password or even freeze the secondary account. These are benefits when participating in trading at Payasian trading floor. Therefore, if you are wondering where to sell bitcoin to ensure prestige, quality and safety, join now.



Especially, at Payasian, there is a program to introduce ref link to introduce the floor. When you invite new users to the floor, you will receive a generous commission. This commission level will be adjusted from time to time. With this policy, both helping bitcoin trading floors have new members, the brothers who trade regularly, the passive income has also increased significantly.


Cryptocurrency market is always volatile, but coming to, you do not have to worry too much about this issue, the services are always improving and constantly innovating to meet the development. development of the cryptocurrency industry.


LOW INTENSIVE TRANSACTION COSTS is known for its low transaction fee (0.1{70b45ee78418f42abd3d9f3844ba2e48a8b0129d2b75d7c15f341553206e1abb}) and fast transaction processing, capable of processing millions of orders per second. Therefore, is considered by professional traders to be a potential future electronic trading platform, leading in technology, service as well as trading volume.



Payasian uses the electronic currency PAYA, a standard of peer-to-peer payment, quickly exchanging on Blockchain platform with one-touch technology, thus always gaining added value over time, ensuring benefits for people. join trade.


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