Family Day – All Ecoworld employees learn how to dance to celebrate Christmas

Wishing the members of the Ecoworld extended family to have a peaceful and warm Christmas together, on the 14th of December, the Board of Directors organized the program “Healthy to work, to be better, Ecoworld – You can dance ”to entertain after stressful working hours.


9:30 all staff members are present, all work is completed. After exchanging and sharing with the dance teacher, many members could not hide their excitement but that was a bit of nervousness on their faces. Because most of this is the first time Ecoworld staff experience this feeling.


The music was heard, the first movements were made, somewhere a little shy of the first time practicing dancing. However, after that people gradually caught up to the melody of the song, the movements became flexible, even and attractive, making the atmosphere more and more vibrant, warmer and more bustling. The sound of applause, stomping feet, shaking hips, turning becomes even and accurate, matching the music.


Together, people join the music with energetic dance moves, feel the natural rhythm of the body, forget the worries, the current pressure. After about 1 hour of practice, the performance ended, but the rest was fun, new experiences for everyone.


Let’s take a look at some of the images recorded during that exciting dance practice!



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