Blockchain is accepted and applied at Vietnamese banks

In recent days, we have heard about Tien Phong bank that you have applied Blockchain to perform money transfer transactions.


TPBank customers will not have to wait for a few hours to make a money transfer from Japan to TPBank account because from now on, using RippleNet, applying blockchain technology to international money transfer, customers it only takes a few minutes to complete these transactions.


RippleNet is a platform that helps transactions be made faster through the use of Distributed Ledger Technology based on the modern Blockchain and API platform. By joining RippleNet, the information and status of each transaction is immediately updated to all parties, ensuring the integrity, transparency, money orders are executed immediately, error-free and with low cost.


These are the first steps in the application of Blockchain technology to areas of life. Typically in the banking sector, the speed of money transfers will be improved immediately with maximum cost reduction.


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