Công tác chuẩn bị cho sự kiện Blockchain One Touch – BOT 2019 tại Hàn Quốc đã hoàn tất

On the morning of November 29, the Organizing Committee checked the progress of preparation for Blockchain One Touch – BOT 2019 in Korea, all work was completed.


In preparation for the event, Ecoworld’s Board of Directors closely monitored, focused on directing and guiding the departments to complete the assigned work with the highest determination to successfully organize the Blockchain technology event. One Touch – BOT 2019 in Korea. All work has been completed, all ready for the event to go smoothly and smoothly as expected.


On the morning of November 29, all the logistics staff, along with the Ecoworld Group Board of Directors were present very early to run the final program, officially serving the afternoon event as scheduled. plan. In particular, security and reception are top priority.


The organizers have many different options to protect, prevent fire and explosion, ensure the safety of guests, speakers, strategic partners and important customers participating in the event. Even the plans to ensure security when traveling, network security have also been deployed synchronously.


Regarding the reception, guests will be guided enthusiastically to the event venue. The press has also been implemented in terms of registration, creating favorable conditions for professional reporters, the information base system will soon report to foreign press agencies. All basic progress is pretty good.


Here are some pictures of the completed preparations.










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