What is Mr.Eco Mart? Savings up to half with Eco points

Mr.Eco Mart – The mini supermarket chain combining the unique convenience store of Ecoworld.


What is Mr.Eco Mart?


Mr.Eco Mart is a mini supermarket chain combined with a convenience store of Ecoworld Corporation. Mr.Ecomart’s goal is to develop a strong network of stores throughout the country. Mr.Ecomart stores will be arranged alternately with densely populated areas. With a variety of products from daily necessities, designs and brands.


Mr.Eco Mart


Is there anything special in Mr. Mart Mart?


At Mr.Ecomart supermarket system, you can optionally choose the form of payment. From cash to international payment cards Visa or Mastercard. Besides, there is another special payment method that is Eco points. When paying with Eco points, customers will have another payment option. Instead of cash, customers can now pay all or part of the cash and an Eco point.


Inside the store, apart from the usual products there are some special products that no store has. It is Mr.Ecofffee branded coffee. This is an exclusive flavored product and can only be found at Mr. Eco Mart or a coffee shop with Start Up Bussiness Coffee space.




Enjoy a unique coffee space at Bussness Coffee with a cup of coffee with Mr. Mr. Coffee flavor.


Up to the present time (October 16, 2019). Convenience store chain Mr.Eco Mart has developed 3 stores and is preparing to launch more stores across the city.


You can visit Mr.Eco Mart’s website, learn and shop here


Also you can update the latest news from the Fanpage of Mr.Eco Mart


If you are in need of franchise cooperation please contact:


Address: 137 Hoang Van Thu, Ward 8, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City.

Hotline: 1900 56 1268

Website: www.ecoworld.co – Email: [email protected]

Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/Ecoworld.incorporation/






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