Using AI in recruitment can replace humans?

With a low redundant workforce and a serious shortage of skilled workers, companies in the United States are facing the problem of being more creative in finding talented candidates.


Large corporations applying A.I technology


IBM is one of the technology giants that is testing new methods related to artificial intelligence (AI) to overcome the challenges of the labor market. AI has been applied to the direct recruitment interview process as a method to prevent human bias in hiring decisions. Now, many companies are using AI tools to evaluate and find candidates that have been ignored by employers.



IBM introduced the SkillBuild platform in France in May 2019 with the goal of identifying skills and employment opportunities for members of disadvantaged communities. The platform will be launched in Germany, followed by India, after which IBM plans to bring the platform to the US by 2020.


IBM’s initiative provides job seekers, through career-relevant assessments, training programs, personal coaching, and the learning needs needed to reintegrate the workforce.


SkillBuild has partnered with a number of partners, including non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and non-profit organizations, to create a new, sustainable recruitment mindset. But it has not yet been applied by IBM in its recruitment process.


Using AI to rebuild skills for workers


Grace Suh, vice president of education for IBM Citizenship, said the platform was meant to be a tool to enhance skills / skills in hiring. Applicants come from vulnerable populations and they are looking for competitive job changes in the ‘White-collar’ group, Suh shared on the term used by IBM CEO. Ginni Rometty to address the need to transform the blue-collar workforce – traditional workers towards a technology-leading economy.


The CEO of IBM said that AI will change 100{70b45ee78418f42abd3d9f3844ba2e48a8b0129d2b75d7c15f341553206e1abb} of jobs in the next decade. These positions include web development, customer service, even network security. This is the story of rebuilding and improving skills for workers, Suh affirmed to CNBC.


Recruitment university degree


In the IBM Skillbuild platform are AI tools like MyInnerGenius, created by GreatBizTools based in the San Diego area, which designs AI products to find talent in non-traditional ways.


MyInnerGenius is helping fill mid- and middle-level IT positions for IBM’s “White Stock” program in the US and SkillBuild programs in Europe. Many of these positions are currently held by candidates who have no experience in technology, many of whom do not have a university degree.


Denise Leaser – President of GreatBizTools, said that currently there are more than 500,000 job opportunities in the field of IT and universities only meet about 50,000 people with IT degrees each year. The lack of skills has forced companies like IBM to look for candidates outside their usual pool of candidates. IBM wants to open up opportunities to work for more people in the IT field, especially those who were not previously considered capable or had a role in the industry.


Leaser said, they will have a screening assessment from awareness to skills such as detailed orientation, problem solving and reasoning, as well as personality traits such as empathy, aversion, competence. leadership and problem solving. This full assessment will create a comprehensive and separate competency profile for applicants. After that, the AI ​​will use the appropriate algorithms to choose the job that suits each person’s capacity.


The limitations of recruiting with AI


The role of AI is continuing to expand in human resource development plans. IBM is one of several companies that have used AI to predict current employees leaving their jobs and attracting new candidates with the desired skill set.


The US state of California recently passed a resolution encouraging the development of AI tools to reduce bias in the hiring process, but the reliance on AI also raises concerns in the data analysis community. Data about the potential of deviations in the new algorithm. This is also the concern of HR professionals.


According to experts such as Krishna Powell – CEO of HR 4 – HR consulting firm for small businesses, or Andrei Baloleanu – Director of growth at data management company 123 Form Builder, recruiting AI licenses should be considered before committing heavily to avoid mistakes.


The AI ​​itself is still in its infancy. At this point, most AI systems, in all industries, are still learning. This also means that your HR can fail at all times, as part of the learning process itself.


Although GreatBizTools is making a difference. The company’s President – Denise Leaser still shares the same concerns as other experts in the field of personnel. AI may increase recruitment efficiency, but it should not replace the human element. Leaser says that no matter how great your company is using AI tools, people are essential in the process of hiring, training, improving skills, and being the part that technology does not. replaceable.


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