National television channel reported on Ecoworld’s event in Dubai

On October 7, one of Vietnamese National TV channel has reported on Ecoworld recently event in Dubai.


At the event in Dubai, Ecoworld presented an internal Eco token, based on Blockchain technology with the international market. Eco token will not only bring new investment opportunities but also able to do things that very few other internal token could offer. The token can be used and trading, all of which will be implemented in the ecosystem. In addition, the corporation also launched the Ecoshare – Ecowallet app for partners to participate and invest in Ecoworld ecosystem.


Here, let’s look back the news of Ecoworld’s Dubai event on HTV9 on October 7, 2019



Looking back over the past 6 months, since the Ecoworld was launched, a series of applications, products and service chains of Ecoworld have been continuously introduced and launched. And that is just the beginning of the global Ecoworld ecosystem.

In the near future. Ecoworld will host new events in Korea, Hong Kong (China) and Singapore. As follows:

  • In South Korea on November 30, 2019 launching EcoID and Payasian exchange
  • In Hong Kong (China) on May 30, 2020, launched the group’s own Blockchain named EcoChain and EcoWallet Smart Wallet solution.
  • And September 30, 2020 – Ecoworld will launch a digital bank – the first electronic bank in the world of EcoBank in Singapore.

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