Develop mobile application – Ecoworld Inc.

Ecoworld is a technology corporation focusing on intelligent technology applications. Ecoworld has developed many useful applications on mobile devices.




The applications that Ecoworld has launched and are about to launch


HappiWolrd (souvenir shop chain)

Ecopoint (real estate sharing)

Ecoshare (connecting and sharing ecosystems inside and outside Ecoworld will be launched on September 30, 2019)

Iameco (Social network of Ecoworld Corporation)

Ecobuzz (Free texting and calling)


In the future, there will be many other apps that will be launched wrongly to meet the needs of a large number of users when connecting to Ecoworld’s system.


The special thing is that most applications will apply the most modern technology in the world today. It is Blockchain technology, in addition all will be linked to the same account and can be logged anywhere with almost absolute security thanks to Blockchain technology with an EcoID account (One The account can be linked to all Ecoworld apps).


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