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EcoTouch – An ambitious step of Ecoworld Inc.


Ecoworld Inc. officially introduced Blockchain One Touch technology in Korea on November 29. This is an ambitious technology application (app) “With just one touch, you can connect the whole world”.


One-touch technology is booming in Vietnam


The development of the internet and technology has contributed to changing people’s consumption habits. Instead of using cash, many people opt for a one-touch mobile payment solution for everyday transactions. Therefore, banks and financial companies are always at the forefront of applying these technologies such as using phones to scan via payment devices or pay directly via phone app …

To date, many businesses have put  one-touch technology payment operations, including small and medium-sized businesses to better serve the needs of users. Typically in supermarkets, convenience stores, restaurants, cafes, resorts, amusement parks… Moreover, users have also gradually understood the benefits and security. That one-touch technology brings in everyday transactions. Along with the rapid adaptation to the technology of the people has gradually led to an explosion of mobile payments, pushing Vietnam closer to cashless society.


EcoTouch is just a touch away from connecting the world


Currently, technology companies no longer focus on developing independent devices but have turned to the trend of connecting devices, features, and types of transactions with each other via the Internet, and at the same time combining with technology. Blockchain technology for information security and absolute zero fraud correction. Ecoworld did not ignore this game, taking a big step of connecting the world with just one touch through EcoTouch app.


EcoTouch applies the world’s first Blockchain technology platform to store, share personal information safely, quickly but securely, transparently, with just one touch: Tap, Touch, QR, BarCode… The digital data is encrypted and publicized on the blockchain platform to help third parties, individuals and businesses to use this resource in developing and exploiting applications of Check in – Check out, Tickets, Voucher, Code, Card, Digital ID, Passport, Bank Account… Besides, Ecoworld also guides EcoTouch to a global digital ID, replacing eSim, to connect social networking information, e-commerce sites, data personal… Allows users to buy and sell across the globe, pay and earn points, refunds extremely attractive.


Basically, this is a well-calculated step of Ecoworld, the desire to make EcoTouch become a known worldwide application, which means that no matter what language area or country you belong to, usable, synchronized into a single common standard. Users will receive the most benefits in this technology project, when just sitting at home can connect with the world as ordering, booking, buying tickets, paying online, all information data. Stored securely, no need to carry around documents such as ID cards, driver’s licenses, motorbike insurance … Everyone can live in a smart world where everything can be connected. and communicate with each other.


However, to fully exploit the potential brought by EcoTouch, it is necessary to coordinate with stakeholders including e-payment companies, governments, banks and payment acceptance points, in order to build a The “One-touch world” technology development program, which has become a popular response trend in the near future, Ecoworld has had a specific launch schedule, after the Korean event (November 29, 2019). The next will take place in Singapore on 11 – 12/01/2020.



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