Smart home virtual reality model

The model of virtual reality smart home is an Ecoworld project being completed and will be launched in the near future. You will witness a smart – modern home using the most advanced AI technology applications to understand and execute the homeowner’s orders. The sensors will work, linked together harmoniously and intelligently.


Application of smart home


The door will automatically open when it recognizes when you arrive, measure your emotions through the facial recognition system and adjust the tracks or implement some solutions to help you improve your mood, the smart fridge will determine how much food you have left in the fridge to order food and the shipping unit will deliver it to your home.


smart home


The smart home sensor system will measure indoor and outdoor temperatures to properly adjust the temperature as well as measure the body temperature of indoors and connect to the air conditioning system to adjust the temperature accordingly. With the user, the smart home’s automatic system also has the ability to measure the user’s health connected to the user’s medical device to measure health, remind and warn of abnormal conditions of the body for the user. Owners and surrounding relatives in case of detecting instability.


The smart home automation system will take care of your garden automatically by automatically linking with the automatic lawn mower and cutting the lawn. In the absence of a lawn mower, the system can be automatically programmed to contact service providers. Or combine design technology associated with virtual reality glasses or your phone to display the latest home design designs.


And many other applications in the smart home model system…

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