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Ecopoint App is an application that helps you find real estate posted directly on the google map. Make your search easier.


Ecopoint App


How to increase sales when real estate business? This is a permanent question for any real estate agent.

As you know, real estate is a very specific industry. Because your product is of high value, the number of customers is equally modest.

Here are four ways you can increase the number of customers thereby boosting your real estate sales:

1. Increase the number of new leads via the Ecopoint App


The rate of “catching” customers of this industry is very low. It may be only 1{70b45ee78418f42abd3d9f3844ba2e48a8b0129d2b75d7c15f341553206e1abb} or lower in some areas, so you need to be constantly looking for new customers.


2. Keep relationship with old customers



Sometimes you will “hit the trick” on a beautiful day. You call to ask the right time customers need to buy a home or have acquaintances they are looking to buy a home. Or, for example, there’s a “land fever” that your customers see online, so they call you.


3. Invest in advertising


Finding each customer is really a “torture” for a real estate business. Then by investing in marketing and advertising will help you have more customers.


Some channels can help you easily find customers:

  • Ecopoint App


4. Join real estate groups on social networks


You can easily find potential customers in specific groups. Compared to searching in general groups and hoping to find customers. You can also search within the Ecopoint App group and fanpage


5. Focus on developing a specific real estate form


The real estate market is very fierce but some groups are not very competitive. You can choose a number of groups such as: Buying and selling real estate / apartments; housing / apartment rental; office / factory rental …


Having an in-depth team will make it easier for you to understand your market and customers.


6. Don’t “predict” potential customers or not


There are “very strange” customers. Some customers wear luxurious clothes like treats that have been cut with you, some people dress very normal, even the countryside. However, those you ignore because of the modest dress can be very rich. They can hold a carton of noodles full of cash, a bamboo basket full of billions to buy a house (You can sometimes see this inside the banks).


7. Know the best products for customers


Prospective and money-paying clients are very interested in good, affordable properties. Remember that customers are VERY SMART.


The majority of customers who buy real estate with great value are often businessmen or market insiders. If you hope to grab a “naive” customer, you will probably be humiliated, a customer who cares about a property can have a lot of knowledge. Or they have lots of brokers who are better than you. So if you find a good and honest property, it’s still better.


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