Ecopoint App – A tool to boost your real estate revenue

Ecopoint App is an application of Blockchain technology in real estate transactions of Ecoworld Corporation. The application will display the information about real estate in a transparent and clear. Limit duplication of information between real estate.

Increasing real estate revenue is one of the “survival” of a real estate business. So how to increase sales while reducing costs and time when trading?


Ecopoint App


Ecopoint App – The first real estate sharing application in Vietnam

You have a property and want to rent or sell it quickly. But don’t want to spend too much on real estate brokers as well?

You want to buy or rent a property but the budget is limited. Find a solution that can buy a part of a house or land based on how much you currently have?

You are in a foreign country but want to own real estate in Vietnam or in another country. Using the Ecopoint App will save you a lot of time and money.

Strengths when using the Ecopoint application compared to traditional channels:


  • Using blockchain platform is safe, transparent, easy to manage, use and exchange.


  • Locate real estate products in real time on Google Maps.


  • Build Big Date on verified real estate data and transaction history everywhere.


  • Encrypt real estate into a convenient token for storage and transactions.


  • Promote real estate transactions quickly and conveniently through ECO points.

Opportunities from Ecopoint

Through the Ecopoint (Ecopoint App), investors can easily trade, trade, exchange, be protected and secure on the blockchain.

Very high profit compared to traditional real estate channels, creating liquidity. Thereby stimulating the traditional real estate market to develop and overcome barriers in traditional transactions.

There is no limit to the amount of small or large investments that can be made across countries.

You can track the latest information of Ecopoint App at fanpage.


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