Blockchain 4.0

What is Blockchain Technology 4.0

Blockchain 4.0 technology is the latest version of Blockchain. It provides a business-oriented environment, creating and running applications, confirming the leading position of Blockchain technology in life.


blockchain 4.0


Learn about Blockchain and the birth of Blockchain

Founded in 2008, founded by two people, Satoshi Nakamoto and Bitcoin. This is a product of current 4.0 technology, Blockchain technology makes 3 versions:

Version 1: used on algorithms and money.



Version 2: Used to handle financial problems in banks.



Version 3: adopts financial and software iterations in many fields.



Previous versions of Blockchain have great potential in an enterprise environment, such as high security. With automatic storage system, the same immutability when storing information, suitable for paying bills or salaries. However, this technology is still inadequate such as slow processing speed or serious shortage of high quality human resources.

The term “Blockchain 1.0” is used for Bitcoin’s Blockchain system. It is slow, difficult to use, and often serves a single purpose. “Blockchain 2.0” is the next generation Blockchain with advanced features of Blockchain 1.0, such as Ethereum Blockchain with smart contracts and the ability to integrate external applications. Then “Blockchain 3.0” was born, designed to expand this capacity to best support external applications.

And here, Blockchain 4.0 technology promises to continue the generations before it, continue to develop the ability to integrate and support applications but with the smooth experience of Web 2.0 apps, while retaining the benefits. inherent advantages of Blockchain such as security and immutability.

Currently, not many companies in Vietnam can apply Blockchain technology to their business. Ecoworld Corporation is pleased to be one of the pioneer companies in Vietnam to apply Blockchain 4.0 technology in business activities.

The products applied Blockchain 4.0 technology at Ecoworld group are: Finance – Real Estate – Media – Retail – Technology. You can find specific information about the company’s products and services at the homepage or at Ecoworld‘s corporate headquarters.



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