Invest in developing Ecoworld city globally

Ecoworld, a closed ecosystem, has been investing and developing out of Vietnam to reach it out to the world. Ecoworld is developing in various fields from Finance – Technology – Real Estate – Communication – Retail & Service. It currently has some representative offices in Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore & Vietnam.


Projects of Ecoworld have been built:


HappiWorld Shop Chain


Invest in developing Ecoworld city globally


Ecoworld has opened the HappiWorld Shop, the shop gift chain. It already has 3 stores in Ho Chi Minh and is about to expand to Korea and Thailand. HappiWorld Shop offers a wide range of gift options for relatives, friends or building and office decoration etc.


Business Coffee coffee chain


Invest in developing Ecoworld city globally


The Business Coffee chain has been present in Ho Chi Minh and is about to open its first branch in Hanoi.

At the same time, MrEco, a convenience store chain, is jubilantly opening new branches in the districts of Go Vap, Tan Phu, Binh Tan, etc. MrEco has also expanded to nearby areas such as : Gia Lai, Hanoi, etc.


Super project Ecoshare


On September 30, 2019 Ecoworld will launch the Ecoshare super project in Dubai. This is a turning point, which helps to spread its name to the world. 


Ecoshare application creates an ecosystem linking Ecoworld’s ecosystem with Agent Share units – Domestic and foreign affiliate agencies, creating a comprehensive development connection system with Iameco social network, and hence it can link all the system together via an Ecosystem system with only one EcoID account.


Invest in developing Ecoworld city globally


In addition to the Ecoshare project, Ecoworld also has an EcoStartup project specializing in supporting startup projects accompanying with  The Ecoworld Capital Startup Investment Fund, which will invest capital for startups with potential development in Ecoworld countries.


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