Startup investment with EcoStartup

EcoStartup is a project which was created to help young startups develop successfully and minimize the risks when starting a new business. It also helps them to get capital investment from The Ecoworld Capital Startup Investment Fund.


Ecoworld Capital – Startup investment fund




Benefits of joining and calling capital at Ecoworld Capital


In addition to being invested from Ecoworld Capital, young entrepreneurs will also be supported with all resources such as startup capital, operating experience, promotion, technology, etc. That is a huge advantage that not many startups can have. Young startups can fully be funded up to 100{70b45ee78418f42abd3d9f3844ba2e48a8b0129d2b75d7c15f341553206e1abb} of charter capital if  Ecoworld Capital can recognise their potential ability.




Ecoworld Corporation with a closed and diverse ecosystem is the right place to nurture your dream of starting a new business. EcoStartup Space will support you for your working space, highly skilled personnel, capital, social marketing, and the opportunity to meet industry experts all across Asia.


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