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Ecoworld Capital is professional investment fund in Vietnam with pioneering mission to become brand managers most recognized funds to meet all the needs investment to the value, efficiency and sustainability. Startup funds is the way in which the company shares Ecoworld pouring capital into the Startup Capital, using technology community connection Startup 4.0 in Vietnam. Capital Ecoworld accelerate expansion plans, branding, improve service quality.

The newly established enterprises are facing difficulties in accessing credit resources of banks and credit institutions because the risk is not very high capital recovery. Hence, the emergence of venture capital funds are possible opportunities that entrepreneurs should seize.


ecoworld capital


The project super Ecoworld City


Ecoworld will develop in the open ecosystem with technology 4.0 habitat Modern Green – Clean – the most modern in the world, the application of virtual reality technology in education, training, health services, hospital … working directly for the international Group, a multinational at Ecoworld City, working at the exhibition center, international training and education. Specials: Paradise resort, marina, airport air.


Capital Ecoworld oriented financing to startups Technology – Finance – Real Estate expanded ecological resource development, affiliate services closed. Providing high-quality human resources for the project super Ecoworld City. Human resources is always the key factor, determining the success of the enterprise. Human resources highly optimized solution brings the quality of human resources, labor supply fast and the maximum support for Ecoworld City.


Ecoworld Capital investment always focus on building infrastructure system with full synchronization equipment and constantly improving the training of skilled manpower for the request. Aims to provide financial services to diverse and most effective for investors, we set up and always keep working environment dynamic, professional and transparent based on solidarity, creativity, responsibility and respect for the culture of business.


Ecoworld Capital striving to become one of the leading companies strong in training activities and providing high-quality human resources. One of the solutions breakthrough to increase the scale and quality of training, supply of human resources for the labor market, which is continuing and expanding links with businesses.


We constantly enhance investment value through intensive research, investment and trading capital efficiently to every customer of sustainable growth.

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