Developing Ecochain- Ecoworld open ecosystem

Developing an open ecosystem and connecting organizations and businesses to help them get more customers are among Ecoworld’s goals.


open ecosystem


Developing Ecoworld open ecosystem chain


Ecoworld provides a closed ecosystem of 12 members in 5 areas: Finance – Technology – Real Estate – Communication – Retail, which are connected closely to each other. 


The 12 subsidiaries of Ecoworld’s closed ecosystem include:


Corporate culture: Ecoworld Family.


Investment – Business: Ecoworld Capital, Ecoworld Investment, Ecoworld Discovery, Ecoworld Business.


Real Estate: Ecoworld City, Ecoworld Land, Ecoworld Building, Ecoworld Top, Ecoworld Top


Communications: Ecoworld Media.


Technology: Ecoworld Tech.


Retail – Services: Happiworld, Business Coffee, Ecomart, etc.


Besides, Ecoworld also develops a large open ecosystem, including other businesses and organizations associated with the Agent Share system. This open ecosystem together with the Ecoworld’s closed ecosystem create a vast ecological foundation to address clients’ needs in every aspect of life.  Businesses – organizations affiliated with Ecoworld (called Agent Share) are entitled to free marketing benefits on Ecoworld’s websites, thereby having the opportunity to increase sales and cross-sell products.


In addition, all Agent Shares are connected to Ecoworld Inc.’s social network – Iameco. This Social Network will help you to connect and find partners and potential customers to boost your turnover. 

In Finance

Invest in developing Ecoworld city globally
Ecoworld Corporation headquarters in Dubai
Startup investment with EcoStartup
Ecoworld Capital