More sustainability 2019 – 2026


Build Ecoworld to a Multinational Group

Ecoworld deserves to be a place to work and to develop the talents of enthusiastic young people. Ecoworld is not limited to geography because we are a multinational corporation. We welcome all young people from all over the world to join and dedicate their youth, their skills to build a powerful Ecoworld and bring true value to community.


Ecoworld Incoporation will have office in 15 Asian countries

Always focusing on attracting talents and creating sustainable value for community, Ecoworld will setup offices in 15 Asian countries from 2022 to 2025. In addition to the common mission, Ecoworld will have specific mission to create a sustainable bond in each country.


Listing Ecoworld shares on international stock exchange

In 2026, Ecoworld will launch a super project – Ecoworld City. With criteria: “Ecoworld City is the most livable place in Asia; a modern, civilized, clean environment and citizens can experience 4.0 technology which is applied in all demands. Buying-selling- leasing real estate, paying bills, packing system and other utility services will be done by a mobile application.


Ecoworld City becomes the most worth-living environment in Asia.

Ecoworld will list their shares on international stock exchange in 2025. We are trying to create the great value, the most prestige Group. We are always responsible for creating surplus value for investors, creating better chances for employees’ promotion in the international environment.

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