Ecoworld’s hotline – where all your questions are answered


Ecoworld would like to extend our appreciation to our Customers and Partners who have been putting their trust in our products and services. In order to efficiently support and consult our Customers and Partners in a time-saving and professional way, we would like to introduce our hotline 1900 561 268 being active from Feb 20th, 2020.

All questions and complaints will be responded to and supported to the best of our ability to provide information in a prompt, transparent and clear manner.





The hotline will be supporting with the following information:


  • About Ecoworld
  • About Eco
  • About Mr.Eco Mart
  • About HappiWorld
  • About Business Coffee

We look forward to hearing all your concerns and feedback so that our Customer Care can support you in the best way.

Thank you and we look forward to working with you!

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