OMANEE – The Beginning of a breakthrough

The global economy never stops changing; besides the challenges and risks these changes cause, they’re also the motivation for the creation and development of global companies.


Nowadays, the focus is with Asia, ‘the sleepy dragon who’s on the rising’ – a challenging market for adventurers. Asia’s growing to compete with dominating economies like the UK and the USA. 


Understanding the importance and the growing opportunities in Asia, OMANEE – a multinational incorporation is formed to realize its dream of ‘an Asia without borders’ and to bring the best of knowledge and experience to Asia.


The hope to become a leader in the economies will be realistic when people apply state-of-the-art technology in all aspects of life, to build links among communities and smart users. OMANEE takes on challenges to continue growing and growing fast. Globalization is the only route that OMANEE can continue its development, to become a multional incorporation and soon to be a global one.


With that in mind, OMANEE will create OmaCity in Singapore, Hongkong, Dubai, Seoul, Tokyo, Shanghai, Mumbai, or any other megacities in the Asia – Pacific that people and their families are aiming at.


OmaCity will be a smart choice for people who want to live in an ideal environment, to connect and interact with 4.0 citizens from all Asian countries.


IoT & Smart City is the combination which makes the foundation for Omacity. It’s a city operated with Omarea model – one of Sharing Property. In a near future, when you become a part of OmaCity, it doesn’t matter which country you come from, you can always connect with this global network, and that’ll help you make the impossibles possible.


Despite the treacherous route, OMANEE’s always planning ahead with a clear vision and strategy. Everything it does is to build smartcities – OmaCity with Omarea – a Sharing Property model in Asian countries where the economy is bustling with opportunities


Besides, OMANEE is not only trading – merging with companies in technology, market development and services but also investing in expanding its own technology advances. It’s aiming for creating a cashless payment system to bring conveniences in trading. OMANEE hopes that this advantage will boost its development in 2020 and marks its strong influence all over Asia. 


As a result, OMANEE’s aiming for enhancing its technology, causing breakthrough in consumers’ behavioral changes in trading, purchasing without cash. It, in turns, will create a strong competition in the process of globalization, to help OMANEE to conquer the Asian market and getting it ready for the global one.


OMANEE – Make the impossibles possible

OMANEE – Make the impossibles possible

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