Ecoworld Event in Singapore Introducing BOT and Launching EcoGo & EcoTouch

On 13/1/2020, Ecoworld Corporation will hold the event “Introducing BOT and launching EcoGo & EcoTouch– One touch ecosystem”

Originating from the demand for digital payment, nowadays, financial solutions are gradually erasing the boundaries between countries – the cashless world trend. The technology platform has been changing the financial world for the past 10 years. Blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), Fintech are the most topical in the financial and investment world today.


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1. Overview of Ecoworld Event in Singapore, 13 Jan. 2020: Introducing BOT and Launching EcoGo & EcoTouch


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At this event, Ecoworld will introduce BOT- Blockchain one touch, a new improved solution to apply blockchain in real time, used for payment, contact and information communication application through ne touch of digital device. Blockchain currently has some limitations such as: being dependent on the verification time, long lateness, therefore, is not applicable in one-touch payment on mobile, in personal information identification – digital ID.


2 Application developed on BOT platform


Payasian: One-touch payment
EcoTouch: One-touch ecosystem


a. Payasian – One touch payment


Advantages of Mobile–Card, one-touch payment is the cashless payment trend which is developed rapidly in all countries. Mobile – Card payment solutions are centralized processing, limited security, high fee, subject to the intervention of third parties, easy to cheat and editable, etc.

Blockchain platform which has been applied for payment – finance – digital money in the past 10 years is affirmed bringing a lot of values with the emergence of thousands, tens of thousands of crypto currencies, which support the international payments and transfers.

The new BOT platform, in combination with mobile payment platform and Payasian solution will provide the most perfect payment to the world.

A mobile application platform, an electronic wallet integrating all utilities: Payasian Wallet

A payment platform: intermediary exchange through PAYA electronic currency is issued according to guaranteed funds model, which helps PAYA price to be more stable compared to that of other thousands of cryptocurrencies (such as BTC, ETH, XRP, etc.)
An integrated exchange of digital money – currencies –token crypto assets – currency exchange center – cryptocurrencies.

PAYASIAN – ONE TOUCH & FEEL, the future for a borderless Asia, no currency and application environment limits.


b. EcoTouch – one-touch ecosystem


“EcoTouch – one-touch ecosystem” is a mobile application that connects the community – exchanging – trading – shopping – information communicating with just one touch through digital devices.


How different is EcoTouch?

  • EcoTouch applies the world’s first “BOT – Blockchain one Touch” technology platform to make personal information storing and sharing quick with the highest level of information confidentiality and transparency.
  • EcoTouch is an application on digital devices, helping the community communicate, share and exchange information with each other through just one touch: Tap, Touch, QR, BarCode, etc.
  • EcoTouch is a data center that is encrypted and public on the blockchain platform, helping third parties, businesses and partners to use this resource for developing and exploiting one-touch applications: Check in – Check out, Tickets, Voucher, Code, Card, ID number, Passport, Bank account, etc.
  • EcoTouch aims to be a global digital ID – replacing eSim, connecting information on social networks, e-commerce sites, personal data, CV, etc.
  • EcoTouch is an application that connects global cross- selling, allowing the community to sell, buy, pay for everything and earn attractive great points, refunds, accompanied with countless utilities which are being developed and integrated.

With just a single EcoTouch account, you will be connected with the rest of the world safely, securely, quickly and conveniently with countless added utilities.




EcoGois the global development campaign of ECOWORLD, starting from the sharing of ECO TOKEN (ECOPOINT.CO) issued by our corporation and sold to the global community for the first time. ECOPOINT or all other applications such as ECOSHARE, ECOID, IAMECO, ECOBUZZ, MR.ECO, etc. all use a unique synchronized ID on ECOID and use the Referring Link (Affiliate) worldwide.


2. The upcoming events of Ecoworld Corporation


Ecoworld event in Seoul, Korea on December 29, 2019

Ecoworld event in Seoul, Korea on December 29, 2019


  • 13 January 2020, Singapore – Introducing BOT and launching EcoTouch, EcoGo
  • 29 June 2020, Hongkong – Launching BOT – One Touch Blockchain
  • 29 November 2020, Singapore – Launching the electronic banking and digital banking ecosystem of ECOBANK
  • December 2021, Dubai – Launching Smart City and Global Citizenship.

With clear planning and direction, ECOWORLD Corporation is taking steady steps on the path of continuous development, taking technology as the lead and always letting the world know our vision to the future. Our core values, which are “Quality – Reputation – Integrity – Professionalism”, are the foundation for our sustainable development.


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