1.What is “Eco” point ?


Eco is an internal point of Ecoworld Group, used for payment and use in Ecoworld Group’s ecosystem. Use for all transactions from spending, hoarding, exchanging, donating and stored on an app called Imtoken.


Điểm Eco


2. Who created it? What is special about Eco?


Eco points are published by Ecoworld Corporation. The number is 10 billion Eco on the Blockchain platform and is released from the period of 2019 – 2023. These points will increase the value according to the price blocks.


According to the release roadmap, the amount of Eco will be more scarce by many people. The price will then increase, benefiting those who already own it.


The price period is over


PRIVATE SALE (Internal sale stage)


Total 1 billion eco sold


Price $ 0.005 (Sold out)


From July 15, 2019: $ 0.006 (Sold out)


From August 15, 2019: $ 0.008 (Sold out)


PRE SALE (Phase 1 sales)


3 billion eco – Official global online distribution. The first sale to the public is at the Dubai event


From September 30, 2019


Block price: 0.01-0.04 $ (Sold almost half)




6 billion eco


After the end of the Presale (Expected January 1, 2020)


Price 0.1-0.7


3. Eco’s advantages


Payment with Eco points was born as a revolution in electronic payment. With completely superior advantages:


Convenience in transaction:


You can transfer and receive Eco instantly using Eco wallet (stored on the Imtoken app). In particular, you can trade anywhere that accepts payments by Eco worldwide.


thanh toán eco


Safety and security:


Your Eco points are stored on a separate app, encrypted and protected by Blockchain technology.


bảo mật eco


Cannot be forged:

Eco couldn’t fake it because it didn’t exist in material form.


chống làm giả eco


Extremely low transaction costs:

Unlike traditional channels the fee can be very high. When you use Eco to trade, there is no cost to the 3rd party.


giảm chi phí giao dịch


Environmental Protection:

bảo vệ môi trường


Because it is not printing, all Eco is directly transferred by mobile devices so it does not create waste that does not pollute the environment.


Ensuring value and transparency:


đảm bảo giá trị


Because of use in the Eco system, all transactions are transparent and public because there is no 3rd party impacting on the transaction.


Value Guarantee: Ecoworld Corporation pledges to redeem your Eco points for 70{70b45ee78418f42abd3d9f3844ba2e48a8b0129d2b75d7c15f341553206e1abb} of the payment value. You absolutely do not need to worry about the risk when owning Eco.


4.How to buy Eco points? Get free Eco points?


There are currently 3 ways to own Eco:


Option 1: Buy Eco at the office. You can buy it at company headquarters:


At the moment, Ecoworld has released it to the member companies that distribute Eco. Members include Ecoworld Land, Ecoworld Media, Ecoworld Bussiness …


Address: 137 Hoang Van Thu, Ward 8, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City.


Hotline: 1900 56 1268.


Option 2: Buy from individuals who own Eco


Option 3: Get FREE Eco when joining Iameco social network. You can get Eco completely for free, and in particular CAN CHANGE MONEY WHEN FULL MINIMUM OF ECOWORLD.


You can join here to get FREE Eco points.




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