Use Eco on Ecopoint App

Eco is an internal point of Ecoworld Inc. used in Ecoworld ecosystem and all Agent Share in all sectors of life. Technically, Eco is a form of token encrypted on blockchain technology platform.

Ecoshare is created on blockchain technology. All Agent Share can use Eco as a free gift for their customers in order to attract new customers and maintain VIP customer service and customer appreciation service.


Use Eco on Ecopoint App


Ecoshare is representing the platform in the era of “sharing economy” on the basis of Blockchain technology. Ecoshare creates an open environment activating the interaction in order to create value between manufacturers and consumers, which is completely compatible between users and the convenience of exchanging goods or services or currency, thereby creating value for all participants.


An optimal solution, cost savings when connecting directly between people in need and suppliers of products or services without intermediaries. Increasing services, promoting business diversification. Ecoshare an open ecosystem that operates in an Ecoworld closed ecosystem


Ecoshare is a combination of Internet of thing with Blockchain technology in the Industrial Revolution 4.0


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