How successful was the event Blockchain One Touch in Korea?

Blockchain One Touch – Introducing Blockchain technology application and investment opportunities for businesses


Recently, on November 29, the  Blockchain One Touch event took place in South Korea organized by Ecoworld Inc., with the participation of more than 300 guests, important partners and investors.


The event focused on introducing Blockchain technology applications in Ecotouch, EcoID, Ecoshare… to bring a panoramic view of the growth solution taking the core value of development as technology 4.0. Participants can exchange and share to connect with investors and businesses, towards sustainable development.



Blockchain One Touch provides a comprehensive view of the development trend of Blockchain


Currently, digital technology is being applied in all areas of life, gradually eliminating the boundaries between countries, making the world change “dizzy” only in the last 10 years. Blockchain concepts, AI (artificial intelligence) or Fintech are more interested, especially in the field of financial investment. To properly understand the core nature of technology and open up attractive investment opportunities, the  Blockchain One Touch event has provided a comprehensive view of the development trend of Blockchain, AI and Fintech in the current social context now and future vision.


At the same time, the event is also a bridge between guests, businesses and experts to better understand the opportunities and challenges in the development trend of Blockchain. Through practical sharing on the global connected ecosystem called Ecoworld (Ecosystem business) with many products:



Ecoshare applies Blockchain technology to create a shared economic ecosystem model and parallel investment opportunities. This is an open platform for businesses, organizations and individuals around the globe, with a new data storage protocol, with a combination of Fintech, AI, big data and Blockchain to help data networks. distributed storage, safety, zero fraud and correction, bring many development opportunities for investors.




This is the ultimate interconnected technology, helping you reach out to the rest of the world. EcoID will replace a phone sim, personal ID, Passport and other personal documents to help you connect by internet to a single account, keeping your information safe and secure.



EcoTouch is an application (Mobile app) that helps communities connect, exchange personal information and data quickly, conveniently, safely and securely with high accuracy. You can “Shop – accumulate points – refund – pay” with just one touch, to realize the dream of a smart city.



In particular, the highlight of this event is the launch of Payasian cryptocurrency exchange, marking the sustainable coperation of Payasian and Ecoworld, pioneering the application of Blockchain to build a connected platform. Joint business, global development. The event also officially marks Paya becoming a standard in international payments, trade and money transfers.



Blockchain One Touch – With the participation of many famous speakers


The event has many famous speakers participating, contributing to the success of the program. Mr. Seungeun Myung – CEO of Venture Square, he shared his own practical experience when going through many projects, giving guests and investors the opportunity to receive new perspectives to apply on the business. Your business is managing and operating. In addition, the event was honored to welcome Ms. Kellya Kenya – Director of Payasian Solution. She said, is a cryptocurrency exchange with many BTC, ETH, PAYA, ECO, USDT… and integrates many different payment methods: Visa Card, Master Card … This allows you to Credit cards can be used to purchase crypto assets directly on the exchange. In addition, also uses the PAYA intermediary currency in transactions, ensuring good security, user friendliness and strong performance, contributing to building a world without cash.


The event also attracted the attention of many domestic and foreign press agencies, reported by many famous newspapers, namely:



Don’t forget the upcoming event roadmap of Ecoworld Group:

  • 11/01/2020 introduced BOT and launched EcoTouch – One-touch ecosystem – in Malaysia
  • 30/05/2020 launched BOT – Ecochain in Hong Kong
  • 30/09/2020 launched Ecobank in Singapore
  • 2022 launches Ecoworld City in Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia.


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