Payasian started 2020 with the message “The Asia without border” with the event in Singapore on 13/1/2020

The event of introducing two applications, EcoGo and EcoTouch with the theme “The Life One Touch” took place successfully on January 13th, 2020 at Suntec City Exhibition and Convention Center in Singapore. This is an event co-organized by Ecoworld Inc. and Payasian.


The Life One Touch – a technology event to look forward to


This event attracted more than 300 guests who are partners, investors, businesses in the field of technology and finance. Ecoworld and Payasian officially introduced two one-touch trading applications EcoTouch and EcoGo, which are developed  based on one-touch technology platform BOT – Blockchain One Touch.


The launching event of EcoGo and EcoTouch applications with the theme "The Life One Touch" was co-organized by Payasian and Ecoworld took place successfully on January 13, 2020 in Singapore.

The launching event of EcoGo and EcoTouch applications with the theme “The Life One Touch” was co-organized by Payasian and Ecoworld took place successfully on January 13, 2020 in Singapore.


The event brought an overall overview of Ecoworld ecosystem, and development strategies and plans for the period 2020-2022 to the visitors. The guests were especially interested in information about EcoBank. This is a digital bank that provides convenience for the cashless payment trend. On November 29, 2020, in Singapore, the EcoBank application will be officially introduced worldwide by Ecoworld Inc. Ecoworld and Payasian expect EcoTouch, EcoGo, EcoBank and other technology applications developed on the blockchain platform to attract more attention from customers.


Payasian with the message “The Asia without border”


In 2 years, the Payasian has reached half of the countries in Asia with more than 500,000 members. Over the past one year, Ecoworld has also accompanied with Payasian to successfully organize a series of successful events such as:


  • April 30th, 2019: Payasian launched an unlimited mobile wallet in Vietnam
  • September 30th, 2019: Ecoworld launched the EcoShare project in Dubai
  • November 29th, 2019: Ecoworld launched Blockchain One – Touch in Korea, 
  • and many other events.


Payasian is available in many countries in Asia

Payasian is available in many countries in Asia


After launching and developing, Payasian has expanded their scale to many Asian countries such as Vietnam, Singapore, Dubai, Korea, Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia. By plans and strategies in 2020 with the theme “The Asia without borders”, Payasian expects to soon be available in 48 Asian countries, with 500 million Payasian members (Target 10-15% of Asian population).


Payasian introduces iMerchant to the global program in order to help global merchants to trade. iMerchant is a program that connecting global Merchants of Payasian, Ecobank & EcoGo. iMerchant is helpful to create a consumer community across nations, and to be an opportunity for all business merchants, providing products and services to the community. After the exchange launched in South Korea on November 29, 2020, it is now an intermediary exchange for digital and crypto assets.


Trends of Cryptocurrency and blockchain platform


Recently, Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology platforms are becoming a global technology trend. Blockchain is a decentralized database, with homogeneous copies stored on many computers. Individuals and businesses transactions  are virtually impossible to cheat because all data is recorded in many different places; and the details of those transactions are clearly visible to everyone. Blockchain technology opens up a potential application trend for many fields such as banking and finance, retail, freight, manufacturing, telecommunications etc.


Therefore, more and more individuals, businesses, organizations and governments are applying blockchain to life. Mrs.Ginni Rometty, CEO of IBM, said that: “Blockchain provides a reliable system. Even if it is my competitor, I am sure that the data will not be changed”.


Payasian khởi động năn 2020


Cryptocurrencies are also known as digital currencies, algorithms or virtual currencies. Money issued by the State is guaranteed by other assets such as gold, precious metals, bonds, foreign currencies; or is encrypted by an algorithm on a secured computer network such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.


Cryptocurrencies are named after the way they use cryptography. Cryptography studies different methods of encrypting information. The primary purpose is for sending messages securely, privately and in addition to other tasks such as data security and authentication. Crypto, the prefix in both words, comes from the Greek kruptos, which means “hidden”. Cryptocurrencies are a combination of many technologies and theories, developed by crypto writers to create a cryptocurrency exchange system that is resistant to both censorship and fraud.


In 2020, Ecoworld Inc. and Payasian will hold more major international events to introduce to the community the technology products applied in e-commerce, finance and banking.

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