The meaningful message of the new brand identity from Ecoworld

After a long period of planning and preparation, Ecoworld proudly publishes a brand-new image on January 2, 2020.


The change of our identity image also reflects more clearly the core values of Ecoworld.


On 02/01/2020, Ecoworld Inc. will officially change its image identity through the launching of a new logo with significant improvements and upgrades in its appearance and meaning. This change of image identity reflects more clearly the core values of Ecoworld.


New brand identity from Ecoworld

New brand identity from Ecoworld


Ecoworld Inc., with a solid foundation, is taking bold and ambitious steps in the strategic period of 2020 – 2022. This is the time for Ecoworld to make a breakthrough and introduce its smart city, Ecoworld City to the world, in combination with a diverse, comprehensive business ecosystem which place the 4.0 residents in the center.


On that strategic transformation journey, the new identity is a necessary step to create a difference for Ecoworld, to bring Ecoworld closer to Vietnamese and international customers, as well as to go further in becoming a strong multinational corporation in the future.


Meaning and process of creating a new brand identity


Specifically, the new logo is made up of geometrically and mathematically accurate letters and symbols, representing Ecoworld’s expertise which is leading modern technologies.


Logo Idea

New logo idea of Ecoworld


People only see the Apple symbol, but not often see the Apple letters on the products of the world’s largest technology corporation. The meaning of “the half-eaten apple”, (Apple’s logo) is to refer to the incomplete and not perfect, in order to try harder to create more developed products, to invest more effort and creativity, and to never stop despite being on the peak of success.


This symbol of the half-eaten apple has inspired Ecoworld to create its new identity, image, brand name and logo. The logo of Ecoworld is a broken infinity symbol, which refers to the unlimited breakthrough, go beyond imagination limits, creating differences and innovation. Inheriting from the infinity symbol (Ω) in the old Logo as a legacy and a core element of Ecoworld’s identity, the new Logo was developed and constituted by graphic elements which represents culture and technology, the spirit of connectivity and especially the vision and mission of Ecoworld to reach out to the world to become a leading multinational corporation in the fields of Real Estate – Technology – Finance – Communications – Retail & Services.


The logo bears a blue color of the ocean and the vast sky, expressing trust, creativity, power and independence.  Every leader, every employee, every customer and partner is an individual in the vast ocean, who will accompany Ecoworld to reaching out to new horizons, exploring and doing extraordinary things that not everyone dares to do.


About the logo letters, this is the version that shows clearly the brand identity of Ecoworld Inc., including the chain of products and services, as well as the brands of member companies such as Ecoworld Media, Ecoworld Technology, Ecoworld Capital, Ecoworld Business, Ecoworld Land, Ecoworld Building, etc.


A special highlight of the logo is the slogan “Breaking limits” once again confirms the goal that Ecoworld wants to reach. “Breaking limits” is the launch of a campaign to change the world, turning the impossible possible.


Ecoworld is ready to “Breaking limits” in 2020


Ecoworld’s brand identity communications will be a comprehensive campaign in the period of 2020-2022. Ecoworld will increase the brand awareness by the main icon on all communication channels, products, and retails and service points nationwide and in Asia. This icon will be used in the near future on all Ecoworld’s products and marketing materials.


The icon was chosen because it is the symbol of infinity, showing the limitlessness, elaborated with a 3D space effect (the globe), creating a cut (partially breaking) of the infinity line, emphasizing the breaking point, showing the strong ability to break through. The overall logo expresses the spirit of Ecoworld: infinity – limitless – breaking point, breaking through cycles, (repetitive routines) to bring about creativity and differences.


Nowadays, technology is becoming increasingly indispensable in our life. The world today presents new demands, and the change of brand identity reflects Ecoworld’s vision to meet those needs. After the milestone of changing the brand identity logo, Ecoworld Inc, will continue the next steps in our strategy and roadmap to complete the Ecoworld ecosystem and Ecoworld’s smart city: Ecoworld City


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