Leading to breakthough: Ecoworld cooperates with Payasian to create a new encrypted platform

After the success of the event “The Life One Touch – introducing EcoGo & EcoTouch application on blockchain platform” on January 13th in Singapore with the participation of our partner, Payasian, Ecoworld multinational corporation continues to affirm its position and “flashing speed” when revealing the project to launch a 9Token – 9Chain startup ecosystem.


Erasing national boundaries, breaking all limits, building a global business ecosystem – ECOWORLD


With the purpose of connecting all individuals, businesses, professionals, investors in Asia to a global business ecosystem, bridging the geographical border gap, Ecoworld multinational corporations officially launched a new brand identity named “Ecoworld – Breaking Limits”, which marked an important milestone in its development roadmap in 2020.


ecoworld cooperates payasian


The new brand identity conveys the “breaking limits” concept. There are always limits for everything in our life, so that it can operate orderly, unitedly, and limits also help to manage society, culture, ethics, etc. You always have to follow these limits, but there are limits that you set up for yourself to limit your own development and opportunities. Creativity, energy, inner intelligence and individual ability are things that can always go beyond the limits. Break through all limits to have the best future, the best outcome.


At Ecoworld Inc., nothing is impossible. Ecoworld always pioneers in exploring, researching, developing and testing breakthrough technology products and projects. Ecoworld uses all its human and financial resources to build and pursue for the launch of Asia’s leading digital banking application- EcoBank – in Singapore on November 29th, 2020. EcoBank is the first digital bank in the world to allow trading both cryptocurrencies, fiat currencies and crypto assets. With EcoBank, you can make financial transactions with just one touch on your smart devices, extremely safe, transparent and secure based on the Blockchain platform.


event singapore with payasian


Making the impossible possible, challenging the impossible, Ecoworld creates a new encrypted platform


EcoChain is the Ecoworld Inc.’s blockchain platform for all startups in areas of Finance, Technology, Retail, Services etc. Moreover, when businesses need to issue shares, stocks& bonds, they can build, develop and manage their operations easily, quickly, transparently and securely.


event singapore with payasian


On this EcoChain platform, Ecoworld launches a 9Token – 9Chain startup ecosystem, which is expected to be introduced specifically on March 20th, 2020 in Dubai. 9Token is a development project of EcoTek, Blockchain Center Dubai (BOT), Ecoworld Open Ecosystem and Payasian.io.


It is known that Payasion.io digital currency exchange is a trading platform for Asian currencies and crypto currencies. Assets are encrypted into tokens, and PAYA is used as the mediator for trading. The core development platform is the One Touch Blockchain solution – which is the current and future application trend. The cashless world trend, mobile app trend and one-touch payment are growing strongly in all Asian countries. Because of the convenience, ease, speed, security and transparency of Payasion.io, Ecoworld Corporation decides to cooperate with Payasian partner to jointly develop this 9Token – 9Chain project to bring many benefits to the community. Products and projects can create sustainable values, increase finance, and master the future.


event singapore with payasian


Currently, the project is in the development and preparation stage. It is promising to create a new digital coding platform for all assets in the future. With 9Token, users can trade stocks, gold, real estate, vehicles, or simply sell goods and offer services online, etc. 9Token will create a type of digital asset with intermediate value for the community for bet, deposit, transaction guarantee, intermediaries, etc. and it is guaranteed by the intermediate value of Blockchain.


event singapore with payasian


Ecoworld Inc. and our partner-Payasian hope that future technology applications as well as Blockchain platform will receive more attention. In 2020, with the cooperation with partners in the field of Finance and Technology-Payasian, 9Token, Ecoworld Inc. will definitely make a breakthrough in the international market as its slogan says: Ecoworld – Breaking Limits.

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