Iameco Social network

Iameco Social network

Are you looking for a new market, or a social network with a large number of new users to market and promote services and products when other markets are too crowded and too popular? Too many competitors? Congratulations, you’ve found the right place. Welcome to the IAmEco social network.


Iameco Social network




What is IAmEco social network?


IAmEco is a social network of Ecoworld’s ecosystem, how it works almost like the popular social networks you have known.

With IAmEco social network, you will have a new marketing channel to promote products and services more effectively and help increase sales revenue.


What are the advantages of using IAmEco social network?


Friendly interface: IAmEco social network owns familiar interface and familiar features. Based on the popular social networks worldwide and added a number of new features such as bonus points, change the interface color, create blogs, plus a link to the door Ecoworld ecosystem.


First explorer:


The most important benefit when using IAmEco is that you are the first. IAmEco social network supports new users a lot and has many different advantages compared to traditional social networks. And you are one of the leaders in exploring this extremely potential market.


Iameco Social network


The visibility of your posts is extremely high:


This is an extremely great advantage that other social networks other than Iameco can no longer do and must be limited because the number of users is so crowded, the number of article distribution to your users also greatly reduced.


Be awarded eco points:


This is a plus for Iameco social network. To encourage the majority of users to join and use this social network. Ecoworld is pleased to offer eco points to active users.

These eco points you can use to buy, sell, upgrade – convert into cash – use in eco ecosystems.


Iameco Social network


IAmEco social network belonging to Ecoworld group is now a completely new social network with a variety of features including useful features that you have known and integrated with many additional features, besides attracting a large number of other social network users and will continue to grow. This is a brand new gold mine waiting for you to mine.

Experience instant IAmEco social network: here




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