HAPPIWORLD – The first professional gift service in Vietnam



With the aim of helping our customers,  simplify the selection of gifts by provide all-in-one services.

HappiWorld is the first gift service provides multi-services in the ways of selecting, packaging and delivering the gifts as desired to the recipients.


Currently, HappiWorld introduced 4 product lines:

– Cretail chain

– Ecogift

– Eco Top Up

– Service – Gift Service

Vietnam has a rich cultural traditions with many national holidays, on which we often send gifts to our relatives, friends or partners along with best wishes.


Consequently, you will find it is very confusing and time-comsuming to choose a suitable gift for your loved ones, relatives, friends or partners. Whether the recipient likes it? How could you send them gift from afar, or when you are tied up with work? How to memorize every special days, birthdays of your loved ones and relatives to greet them?

All the more, HappiWorld brings the most unique and professional all-in-one gift services. With HappiWorld, recipients will receive meaningful gifts on each occasion of their holidays, special days or birthdays as well as with the message of the sender! makes it easy for customers to choose a gift meanwhile offering a variety of gifts for recipients.


The best way of Giving – Let HappiWorld help you professionally!



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