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Ecoworld Media Joint Stock Company (JSC) is the media partner of Ecoworld Inc. Ecoworld Media JSC offers a wide range of media and entertainment services such as event organization, television program organization, investment services, branding and consulting services, promotional services. fox, film production …


Ecoworld Media


The value of Ecoworld Media JSC is built on the solid foundation of technology 4.0 and the enthusiastic efforts of employees, Ecoworld Media is always creative and constantly developing artificial intelligence applications. AI, interaction and imagination have no limits. This is the platform that integrates technology application into communication. All will surely convey to customers effective communication messages to ensure compliance with the needs and wants of customers.



Ecoworld Media JSC is a leading prestige unit in the field of Communication and Advertising across the country. With the motto: “Continuous creativity”, we always try to research ideas, solutions and ways to help businesses and customers improve their operational efficiency.


Ecoworld Media Building multimedia communication channels

Social Media’s team of experts helps you set business goals, identify your audience, create goals and create compelling content. Our Social Media service gives you the ability to connect and share information to increase your brand value, as well as your popularity on social networks. Social media results are shown on likes, share, comment, views, purpose:

  • Improve brand awareness
  • The target also uses Social Media
  • Brand image is widely spread
  • Social Media is the radical form of “Word of mouth marketing”.
  • Social sharing factors influence rankings in Google search results
  • Increase website traffic
  • Channels of communication, chat, dialogue and customer care

Entertainment service

Ecoworld Media JSC is proud to offer event services for large and small businesses at home and abroad, multinational corporations, with many types of event services such as: trade events. , community events, cultural events – festivals, sporting events, multimedia and entertainment services – organizing art performances, etc.



In addition to the main areas of activity that have made the company strong and with the trust of its partners over the years, the company has constantly improved and launched new products and services to serve broadly. spread the needs of your business


With that strong belief, we constantly work and dedicate ourselves to the principle of “Providing really good services to customers”, in order to ensure the quality and reputation of the company & to raise the common standards in media industry, especially in the field of specialized event planning.


Communication oriented

As the process of building and developing a brand, communication determines the survival, explosion or extinction of your brand. If you take advantage of the communication process, spread the positive information about your brand values. Your business will go up like a kite with the wind. And if you don’t know how to leverage your business communication channels, your business will lag behind your competition.


Communication helps customer orientation. Through promotional activities, transmission, sharing. You can easily build your brand’s trust in your customers.


Communication is a multi-dimensional interactive activity. So you can also identify customer feedback so that you can promote positive information or modify and manipulate confusing information.


Loyal customers

Every customer who voluntarily stays and continues to consume your products or services is a loyal customer who will buy from you often.

In a context where competitors are just a click away, customer loyalty is really a new way of marketing. Today’s customers can connect with an endless amount of information about your company and other competitors. With the amount of information at hand, they have the ability to evaluate, recognize and select which company is capable of delivering the best customer experience.


Building your own communication channel on Mobile App

Mobile Marketing is a marketing and customer care service born from the remarkable innovations of science and technology and is growing rapidly thanks to the advances of today’s telecommunications technology.

Mobile Marketing is a great tool for businesses to market their products and services to customers or after sales customers. This is one of the effective marketing forms and indispensable in any marketing strategy of businesses.


Mindset Communication – Changing customer perceptions

Mindset Marketing is a category in the thinking system based on Marketing perspective. Having a growing mindset in this area is also a factor for you to advance further in the profession. Based on decades of research, science has proven that the way we perceive ourselves is a key factor in what we can achieve. If we see our abilities as fixed, we tend not to go too far. However, if we find our ability to be able to move and change, we will work to improve them and achieve excellence.


When you create a message that creates awareness, it does not lead to bringing customers to your store, but to search behavior online. This behavior, in turn, will be monitored by your competitors, who will then re-target similar customers with new offers.


With the rapid development of social networking sites such as Facebook, Google plus, Twitter, You Tube, Instagram …. Businesses need to take advantage of the messages to be sent to be updated, shared and spread in the online community. Influence the community and bring many benefits as desired.


Strategic partner: Payasian

Payasian is the first mobile payment wallet in the world that accepts all national currencies, no geographic, sectoral, community, or payment environment.

In Vietnam market, Payasian promises to make many breakthroughs in changing payment habits, exchanging, buying and selling, cashless trading.


Through the process of researching and understanding the habits and needs of the Asian consumer community, Payasian’s completely new mobile wallet is groundbreaking in both solutions and applications when not limited in monetary terms. , national borders, communities, and use environment. Like Grab, which originated from Singapore, Payasian aspires to thrive in Asian countries in 3-5 years.


External communication

In the process of business development, it is indispensable to introduce and promote the values ​​of the business to the outside. This communication channel is closely related to the business-customer relationship. It requires information conveyed to customers to be accurate and truthful.


There are businesses that communicate outside many of their “majestic” social programs but have irresponsible jobs to the community, such as sneaking toxic waste into rivers and lakes, arbitrarily dumping solid waste. toxic unprocessed to the environment… The “inconsistent backward” jobs, words not associated with jobs will discredit, making a bad impression on the business.


We work closely with businesses to build a communication strategy. Strategy can be long term or short term strategy with a high degree of flexibility. In order to have a good communication strategy plan, we learn about the business, conduct market research, develop ideas to communicate from the company’s products and services, develop a mixed communication strategy. with many different tools. We also conduct communication with classic media such as Traditional Marketing (TV, newspaper, …) as well as digital media.


Ecoworld Media JSC is a company providing solutions for domestic and international communication service packages, operating in the field of consulting, planning and implementing Digital Marketing projects for businesses. It focuses on core services including Digital Strategy Planning, Social Media Marketing, Media Planning, and Experience Design.


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