Ecoworld Investment Joint Stock Company

Ecoworld Investment Joint Stock Company aims to become an investment organization with the goal of developing a green, clean and modern living environment in the world. Ecoworld Investment wishes to create a resort paradise, marina, air airport … to meet the supreme needs of man. By designing green streets, green apartments, green corridors, even the foot of the bridge is covered with green vines.



Headquarters in Dubai


Dubai is one of the seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates, probably using only two words when talking about Dubai: sumptuous and different.



Dubai is one of the seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates, located in the southern part of the Persian Gulf, in the Arabian Peninsula. If you are standing in the center of the city, you will be really overwhelmed by surrounded by skyscrapers. It’s hard for you to believe that this city was formerly a small fishing town, before being transformed by the influence of the gold rush in modern times. Dubai is the ideal destination for every tourist in the world, especially those who want to discover truly differentiated and classy experiences.


Invest in developing Ecoworld City worldwide


Ecoworld City – The first Smart – Technology City Model in the world.


With long experience and technology background 4.0, Ecoworld Investment Joint Stock Company applies technology, Ecoworld City Real Estate products operate under the model of “Shared Real Estate” – the first model in the world.



Real estate sharing is a job with an attractive income, but with the harshness of the industry, the elimination rate is also quite fast and continuous. The Law of Giving – Receiving is right no matter in any industry, giving away the sincerity you will receive trust from customers. Give customers an overview of what they will receive, providing clear information from the beginning to customers.


Developing open ecosystem chain Multinational investment.


Create a better ecosystem for business development. We have seen the need for and the process of moving from the Value Chain model to the Ecosystem model of large companies and corporations, as well as the power of the Network Effect – the main motive force for development. Figure Ecosystem.


Members of the ecosystem model such as users, manufacturers and suppliers are the ones who create value for the company. However, they can also easily leave if they find their needs are better met elsewhere.


Usually, each product has its own characteristics and ecosystem models characterized by communities and partner companies. They can take advantage of their ecosystem communities to enter a new market. The open ecosystem chain can target customers by offering completely new services and offers and taking advantage of its “network effect” to increase domestic and international competitiveness.


Applying 4.0 technology to Ecoworld Investment. Promising to develop digital technology 4.0 and the application of Payasian e-wallet will launch products and services at DUBAI on September 30, 2019.


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