Ecoworld City Joint Stock company

Ecoworld City Joint Stock company (JSC) is a company that provides technological solutions for the construction of the city of technology for residents 4.0, which are made from Singapore. Is the world’s leading commercial, financial hub.


City Building Technology 4.0 is the integrated model of information technology and comprehensive application of information sources. Includes intelligent technology, intelligent industry, intelligent service, intelligent management and intelligent life. The connection of communication protocols for communication and communications aims to convey the position, intelligent monitoring, monitoring and management.


Smart city is the trend of urbanchemistry, solving urban problems thanks to technology that creates a convenient living environment and humanities.


To improve the quality of life, the performance of urban services, the city of Technology 4.0 convergence Three factors include: infrastructure efficiency, sustainable development and friendly living environment; The use of information technology, communication… Into life assures about quality, progress, living gadgets.

ecoworld city



Starting from Singapore


The world’s leading commercial and financial center
The country is at the forefront of the transition to a knowledge economy.
The world’s leading living, educational and medical environment.


Why is Dubai richest in the world?


Dubai people are famous for their high vision, wide; know how to apply modern science and technology to the advanced economic development, making Dubai's economy more outstanding. Dubai city exploded with advanced architectural works of international stature, making Dubai a new symbol of wealth, the most modern development in the world.



What is Smart City Technology for Residents 4.0?


Ecoworld City is a city model technology, the first intelligent in the world. Ecoworld City is designed in a modern model of Dubai, the hub of Finance – Technology – International Trade as a miniature Singapore.


Is the Real Estate Ecoworld City operate under the model of “Real Estate share” – the first model in the world.


Advantages of Real Estate share is that you can buy one part of the house, apartments, … or you can sell one part of the house, apartment, you will not have to pay the bank interest but paid for part ownership (meaning that you will pay to use part of the house, apartments, real estate you do not buy or do not own. For example, you buy the ground floor, you use the free portion of the assets you have buy, but when you use the upper owned by someone else, you have to pay)


Trends in the application of real estate share is the application Blockchain modeling Ecopoint, develop exchanges Ecopoint International, quantifying Ecopoint for projects Ecoworld City, quantifying Ecopoint for projects, Ecoworld partners.


Applied technology 4.0 in Real Estate is the application of new technologies in the real estate business to help customers easily accessible. The project size and synchronization of planning will be more attractive and more buyers seek.


Citizens living in ECOWORLD City, enjoy the service.


● Modern green living environment – the most modern in the world.
● Enjoy technology application, virtual reality application environment …
● International standard training environment: primary, secondary, university, postgraduate, …
● Medical services at home, international hospitals, …
● Working directly for international and multinational corporations right at Ecoworld City, …
● Mall, exhibition center, international coaching training,
● Special: Vacation paradise, marina, aerial airport, …


Closed ecosystem for real estate – finance – technology application


● Attractive technology corporations based, offices and service operators at Ecoworld City

● Attractive working environment for international talents, professionals…
● Green – clean – modern living environment
● Environment Education, training – Health – live – Work – vacation



Super projects have a total investment cost of between 80 and 100 billion dollars in 30 years
Planning 4,000 – 10,000 ha
Functional subdivisions at Ecoworld City

● Resort villa
● High-class apartments
● Financial center and skyscrapers
● International entertainment services, marina, racetrack
● Shopping paradise
● Resort – Hotel
● Deployment center, international training
● Schools and universities
● Hospital and health care.


ecoworld city


Not waiting too long, also at the Dubai event September 30, 2019, the world will witness the technology masterpieces applied in Ecoworld City – the future city project, the most livable place for residents. global in the next 10-20 years.


A miniature Dubai city combined with a modern Singapore style blended in the distinctive design of Ecoworld City, with a striking spiral structure. Same criterion: Ecoworld City is a modern, civilized, clean air environment and residents in the city will experience 4.0 technology applied to all needs.


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