Ecoworld Capital Joint Stock Company

Ecoworld Capital Joint Stock Company (JSC) is a pioneer professional investment fund management company in Vietnam with the mission of becoming the most trusted fund management brand, meeting all investment needs towards value, efficiency. and sustainability.


Ecoworld Capital


Startup Investment Fund is the method by which Ecoworld Capital JSC invests capital in startups, using 4.0 technology to connect the Startup community in Vietnam. Ecoworld Capital accelerate plans to expand, promote the brand, improve service quality.


Newly established businesses are currently having difficulty accessing credit sources of banks and credit institutions because the risk of non-capital recovery is very high. Therefore, the emergence of venture capital funds is a viable opportunity that startups should seize.



Ecoworld Capital develop open ecosystems in ECOWORLD

Ecoworld will develop in an open ecosystem with 4.0 technology to create a modern green – Clean – Modern world in the world, apply virtual reality technology to education, training, health services, hospitals … Working directly for international and multinational corporations right at Ecoworld City, working at international training and exhibition centers. Special: Paradise resort, marina, airfield.


Photo: Future city


Bank 4.0 with Payasian


Payasian is the Asian payment solution. The Payasian application includes the functions of E-Wallet: Asian payment electronic wallet, accepting different currencies.


Photo: Payasian is an Asian payment solution


In Vietnam market, Payasian promises to make many breakthroughs in changing payment habits, exchanging, buying and selling, cashless trading.


Through the process of researching and understanding the habits and needs of the Asian consumer community, Payasian’s completely new mobile wallet is groundbreaking in both solutions and applications when not limited in monetary terms. , national borders, communities, and use environment. Like Grab, which originated from Singapore, Payasian aspires to thrive in Asian countries in 3-5 years.


Ecoworld Capital directs its financial resources to startups in Technology – Finance – Real Estate to create an open ecological source and closed affiliate service


High quality human resources for the Ecoworld City super project

Providing high quality human resources for the Ecoworld City super project. Human resources are always a key factor, determining the success of businesses. High human resources provide the optimal solution for quality human resources, fast labor supply and maximum support for Ecoworld City.


Ecoworld Capital always focuses on investing in building facilities system with complete synchronous equipment and constantly improving the professional skills training for human resources as required. Aiming at providing the most diverse and effective financial services to investors, we establish and maintain a dynamic, professional and transparent working environment based on solidarity and creativity. , responsibility and respect for business culture.


Ecoworld Capital strives to become one of the leading strong companies in training and supplying high quality human resources. One of the breakthrough solutions to increase the scale and quality of training and manpower supply for the labor market is continuing and expanding links with businesses.


We continuously improve the value of investment through in-depth research, effective investment and trading so that every client’s capital grows sustainably.


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