EcoShare App on Blockchain platform

Ecoshare is a sharing application developed based on blockchain platform. This application displays the locations and affiliates registered with Ecoshare. You will receive many benefits when participating:

Agent Share benefits:

+ Join the Ecoshare community for free.

+ Developing brand, sharing products, selling products directly on the application of  ECOMART, ECOBUSINESS, IAMECO, etc.

+ Participate in trade fairs, conferences and social activities.

+ Protect all members and participate in the product and service voting system.

Benefits of members:

+ Increasing sales and promoting sales activities.

+ Get a discount of 5 – 15{70b45ee78418f42abd3d9f3844ba2e48a8b0129d2b75d7c15f341553206e1abb} from converting Eco from Agents

+ Profit from Eco investment, profit growth according to the roadmap and price blocks.

+ Cross selling to increase sales revenue

Ecoshare system will:

+ Connecting ecosystem inside and outside Ecoworld

+ Update automatically the Agent Share string online to all sharing applications

+ Organizing the operation of the cross-selling model of thousands of thousands, millions … Agent share worldwide.

+ Link ecosystems by region, by nature of industries, products, …

+ Organize communication to attract community.

+ Business organization, sales on Ecomart.







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