EcoPoint Joint Stock Company

Ecopoint is an application that connects Real Estate trading floors to rent or buy Real Estate, exploit Real Estate products to be formed in the future and Real Estate to use for the future. With the Mobile application platform, connection technology creates convenience – increasing benefits for parties involved in Real Estate transactions.






Blockchain blockchain technology will change the market situation by digitizing transactions, minimizing time, costs, increasing transparency, safety, automation, … Transactions across and across borders between buyers and sellers without the presence of intermediaries such as credit card issuers, securities companies, banks, etc. Transactions can be conducted instantly, accurately, securely and cannot be edited. correct information, thereby limiting the risk of fraud and transaction manipulation. Quantify Real Estate products into small units of Ecopoint.


Ecopoint is built on a new business model in Technology Real Estate.


Rent and lease of Real Estate for future use. With the purchase and sale of future use rights, real estates are forming. Quantify Real Estate through Ecopoint and Transactions. Application of Blockchain in Real Estate to develop ECOPOINT international trading floor, quantify Ecopoint for Ecoworld City’s projects. Quantify for projects, partners Ecoworld.


Ecopoint makes a new breakthrough in the shared real estate industry, creating a trend of Shared Real Estate – Transparency – Safety.




Ecopoint is a new type of product in the real estate business – development – brokerage. Ecopoint will create a new trend of how to operate – share Real Estate in the world in the next 3-5 years. Benefits of product added value. Ecopoint is a model of exploiting, selling, trading and trading products formed in the future, including owned, traded, commercial, rented products, etc. Investors, Real estate owners, owners for rent, … will sell the product first.


Benefits on utility use


People who buy – sell, rent – lease, provide services – use Real Estate services easily meet, exchange quickly, reduce costs, do not spend much capital. Easy to share about ownership, rental right to buy. Divide the product to multiple units of use.


Economic benefits


Create a new trend of real estate products and transactions. A new product, a new model for Real Estate investors. Ecopoint will cross all national borders, currencies in investment, purchase and sale of real estate. Real Estate Sharing Ecopoint for global.




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