What is the Ecopoint application? Benefits of EcoPoint?

Not a few people think Ecopoint application and internal Ecopoints. But at Ecoworld Inc. , this is two completely different concepts. You can refer to the article below for a better understanding of internal Eco and EcoPoint point.


What is the Ecopoint application?


+ EcoPoint a (app) applications on mobile phones apply to the field of Real Estate based blockchain (transparent – safe – convenient). Helps users can easily search for real estate demand. It is particularly in app EcoPoint you will encounter the Property displayed in Google map; according to the positioning of the search.



Ecopoint application


#Advantages Vietnam app brings Ecopoint:


  •  Works on the foundation of transparency should blockchain; highly secure and can not be influenced from outside editing.
  •  Integrated online transactions should be very convenient for the exchange between buyers and sellers.
  • Use of electronic contracts; are stored by the system should be binding both parties is guaranteed; and does not take much effort cumbersome paper storage.
  • Show Property on google map; convenient for finding real estate in accordance with the needs of the user.
  • A special feature, EcoPoint accept transactions Property by internal Eco points Ecoworld released by corporations; used in dual-sealed ecosystem Ecoworld city project in the future.


=> This is an app that is in the process of research and in experimental phase; promises to launch the official version flawless and not betray the expectations of Community Real Estate share.


# Opportunities from Ecopoint:


  • Investors easy transaction, sale or exchange – safety, transparency and security on blockchain.
  • Profit is very high compared to the channel bds tradition.
  • Create calculated higher payment, stimulate the market of real estate development tradition and overcome the barriers to traditional transactions, legal procedures, administration, …
  • Unlimited sources of money to invest small or large. Especially not limited to national borders or currency. Mobilizing global capital markets for traditional real estate.


Internal reference point at the Eco: Using Eco points on applications EcoPoint


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