EcoPoint App on Blockchain platform

Ecopoint is the world’s first shared property application based on Blockchain Technology platform for trading – buying, selling and leasing real estate. Application of technology in connecting and sharing real estate products: rent, purchase, use rights, etc. Helping owners to exploit future value of the products they are using and the products formed in the future. Removing all transaction intermediaries, no fees for brokerage, transfer, exploitation, management, operations, etc.  Simplifying and speeding up transactions with only one application installed on Mobile – EcoPoint App on Blockchain platform

EcoPoint App on Blockchain platform


Blockchain technology will change the market by digitizing transactions, reducing time, costs, increasing transparency, safety, automation, etc. The peer transactions and cross-border transactions between buyers and sellers can be done without the presence of intermediaries such as exchanges, securities companies, banks, etc. Transactions can be done immediately , accurately, confidentially and unable to modify information, thereby mitigating fraud risks, manipulating transactions, etc. Quantifying Real Estate products to small Eco units.  Easy to trade and exchange without being affected by any third party.

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