Mr.Eco Mall – Retail shopping mall in technology era

Mr.Eco Mall is the shopping center in Vietnam, invested 100{70b45ee78418f42abd3d9f3844ba2e48a8b0129d2b75d7c15f341553206e1abb} by Ecoworld Incorporation. Can see this is a miniature of Ecoworld City. Everyone can experience the services by using internal points and the ecosystem of Ecoworld.

More than expected, it is an ideal trading center for the Ecoworld community to experience all the best services in green environment. The customers will experience the convenience of cashless transactions and  advanced technologies that will be launched at Ecoworld.

Retail model using technology

Research shows that Vietnam’s retail market currently maintains a constant double-digit annual growth. The General Statistics Office data showed that the retail sales of the whole country in 2018 reached 3,306.1 trillion VND, up 12.4{70b45ee78418f42abd3d9f3844ba2e48a8b0129d2b75d7c15f341553206e1abb} over the previous year.

In this context, Ecoworld has developed a shopping center. the mall provides a wide range of entertainment products and services to meet the needs of entertainment shopping for individuals and families. One of the strengths that Ecoworld wants to address is technology integration in retail industry.

The mall uses an internal payment and accumulation system. So as to help customers shop quickly and conveniently through the application with one-touch payment. As a result, customers do not have to worry about cash withdrawals or security issues when paying via bank credit card.

Shopping center – integrated entertainment for every home

The mission of Mr.Eco Mall will be the type of all-in-one shopping center. This includes the general department store and the rental booths. The center is divided into large areas to meet all customer needs:

  • Food court: restaurant, fast food;
  • Fashion area
  • Entertainment center: children’s play areas, movie theaters, bowling;
  • Supermarket: daily consumer products, food;
  • Service: beauty salon, language center, etc.

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