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EcoGo product on mobile application of Ecoworld Inc.




If EcoTouch is an application (app) that creates user ID for synchronous linking of ID on the Blockchain technology platform, EcoGo trading platform will be the connector between user ID and facilities for them.


EcoGo app project connects users with real-life practical utilities in all fields: travel, events, spas, shopping, entertainment, etc. This is an app studied by Ecoworld Inc. developed and scheduled to be launched during the upcoming Singapore event on January 13, 2019.


Blockchain application One Touch


Catch the new year with the trend of superior technology 4.0, based on Blockchain One Touch (one-touch payment) with many utilities for businesses: check in – check out for events, register to buy – sell tickets to events from businesses, or simply search and buy vouchers in all areas: spa, travel, entertainment, events, products…



With the outstanding features that Blockchain brings transparency, security, safety, not editable and replaceable, user information will be absolutely confidential.


EcoGo helps businesses reduce investment costs


Keeping up with the world of cashless cash, buying and selling online payment will help businesses and users save investment costs both in money and time and protect the environment. The development steps and leading the technology trends are focused and promoted by Ecoworld Inc. as ever.


Constantly improving and releasing a complete version, soon giving users a new innovative technology innovation.


EcoGo with a variety of payment methods


A special feature of EcoGo is the integration of various payments, accepting payments by card, bank, or COD. And rather than using Eco internal points (internal points of Ecoworld Corporation) and Paya to pay.


Shopping application for global businesses.


For organizations, businesses that regularly organize events are looking forward to the launch of this superior application. Companies use to deploy business items such as eVoucher, eGift, eTicket, etc. , seller.


Connect with EcoTouch – EcoGo – EcoBank – Ecoshare open ecosystem applications



The strategy of Ecoworld Corporation is to promote and develop the technology ecosystem, bring the 4.0 technology community to experience and lead the trend with the utilities that Ecoworld brings. Currently, Ecoworld has launched practical applications: EcoTouch – EcoGo – EcoBank – Ecoshare. And the link between applications helps users to experience a more realistic and fluent experience.


Let’s look forward to the introduction of these 4.0 technology applications.


Read more about the technology applications here.


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