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EcoPoint App – Reason for using

EcoPoint App support people search real estate on who owns real estate can find each other more easily, exchange traded and over exactly can trade directly through the application Ecopoint . The conditions agreed between the two parties will be specific notes and is made in accord called “electronic contract”, stored and preserved by Ecopoint, based blockchain transparent, safe and without intrusion edited by any third party.

Also, when the purchase – sale or lease of real estate on EcoPoint application will help the buyer – the seller of real estate management and its financing. Ecopoint also has features that can spot internal Eco to transactions, users can exchange real estate in Point internal Eco can just hoard invest Eco (may refer investment issues internal Ecopoint at:

EcoPoint App

Today, the application platform in the field blockchain from economic, social, education, health … being applied in most countries, especially in developing countries. To put the economy of Vietnam is developing international parity requires more application technologies such as Ecopoint contribute to improving the economic modernization of Vietnam more. By applying blockchain on areas of the country will make life as well as Vietnam’s economy grows more.




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