How blockchain will change the marketing industry in the future

Recently we have heard a lot about Blockchain technology in applying to industries. Blockchain has been applied in banking industry and some other industries. So how about the marketing industry?


Blockchain và marketing


Blockchain’s impact on marketing


Measure accuracy of data

Marketing industry that an extremely wide field and difficult to control. Even when we use the control systems and evaluate the performance of a marketing campaign. It may still have measurement errors. Example of Digital marketing, an ad running on a web or mobile platform.

The advertising seller said that the advertisement could reach only 6,000 people. However, the platform leasing platform for advertisers to push ads on it says that this ad reaches 8000 people. So who is right, who is wrong? Will cost over 6000 people reach or 8000 people. There are currently measurement tools but the reality is still not accurate.


chân dung khách hàng


So how to get a transparent and accurate data ?. It is using Blockchain to measure and test. This information will be displayed in a transparent manner and will be stored forever on the internet. Therefore, fake data cannot happen, this helps create trust between partners.

Forming customer portraits

Frequently asked questions of marketers when implementing marketing plans. That is:

Where should you interact with customers? Which channel?

How do you collect data from your customers?

Where do you store that data?

How do you leverage that data?

This is truly a gold mines for a marketer. What makes the marketer whether amateur or veteran want it is: Establish customer portraits, behavior – spending habits, frequency, where customers focus. Thereby marketers will know if their marketing campaign is effective or not. Know which ads your customers want and how many customers will interact with them.

Thereby custom marketing campaigns that target your customers with minimal cost but maximum efficiency.








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