Beginning in 2020, Ecoworld introduces two global applications developed based on the Blockchain platform

After  introducing the first two global one-touch trading applications based on Blockchain platform: EcoTouch and EcoGo on January 13, 2020 in Singapore, it opens the 2020 roadmap with many important milestones of Ecoworld Inc.


global applications developed based on the Blockchain

global applications developed based on the Blockchain


The most anticipated event


Currently, originating from the demand for digital payment technologies and the non-cash payments of the world trends are gradually erasing the boundaries between countries. The technology platform has been changing the world finance for the past 10 years. In the past few years, Blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), Fintech, has been the most concerned topics in the world of Finance and Investment. Therefore, the event “The Life One Touch” introduces two mobile applications, EcoGo and EcoTouch – Ecoworld’s one-touch ecosystem based on the blockchain platform.The technology is receiving a lot of attention and expectation from many experts and businesses, investors and technology lovers.


EcoTouch and EcoGo are two mobile applications that meet all needs of interaction through digital technology, eliminating the boundaries between countries – the cashless world trend for individuals and businesses. “The Life One Touch” event will bring guests wonderful experiences about one-touch technology – blockchain, as well as investment knowledge, and the opportunity to meet with international partners and technology experts around the world. world. Participants in the event will receive thousands of free Eco Token and tea-break.


Event time: 9am – 12pm, January 13, 2020

Location: Suntec Singapore – Convention & Exhibition Center – 1 Raffles Blvd, Singapore 039593


The event follows on the success from previous series event 


In 2019, Ecoworld successfully held various major events by introducing  Blockchain One Touch technology platform, technology applications, and its projects to the world, which attracts many investors.


Events that took place include:

  • September 30, 2019, Launch of EcoShare super project in Dubai, UAE
  • November 29, 2019, Introducing BOT – Blockchain One Touch in Korea


Following that success, in 2020, Ecoworld will continue to introduce one-touch ecosystem applications based on blockchain platform – one of the world’s new trends; typically the opening event in 2020 “The Life One Touch” in Singapore takes place on November 13


Ecoworld successfully organized the launch event of EcoShare in Dubai

Ecoworld successfully organized the launch event of EcoShare in Dubai


BOT platform and one-touch eco system EcoTouch, EcoGo


  • Blockchain One Touch


EcoTouch and EcoGo are developed based on Blockchain One Touch platform (BOT). This is an innovative solution to apply Real-time Blockchain technology platform to (Real Time). The applications are fast and accurate, which are applied to one-touch information communication via digital devices. The solution will solve the current Blockchain limitations – dependence on the authentication time, long time delay of applications.


Blockchain is a distributed database, with homogeneous copies stored on many computers. Individuals and businesses transactions  are virtually impossible to cheat because all data is recorded in many places; and the details of those transactions are clearly visible to everyone.  


  • EcoGo: One-touch shopping management application for businesses


EcoGo is an application based on a combination of blockchain technology platform and a solution that combines intermediary one-touch authentication technology, which enables businesses to: Secure information and authenticate customers and sellers on Blockchain platform; manage and  thống kê order information (order status, buyer information, item information, etc.)


EcoGo: One-touch shopping management application for businesses

EcoGo: One-touch shopping management application for businesses


  • EcoTouch: Free global one touch shopping app


“EcoTouch – one-touch ecosystem” is a mobile application that connects the community – exchanging – trading – shopping – communicating information with just one touch through digital devices.


EcoTouch: Free global one touch shopping app

EcoTouch: Free global one touch shopping app


The upcoming event roadmap of Ecoworld Inc.


The successful events in booming economy countries is the foundation to help Ecoworld to take firm steps on the path to promote its reputation to the potential markets. next. Ecoworld’s upcoming roadmap includes:


  • 13/01/2020 Singapore – Introduction of BOT and EcoTouch, EcoGo
  • 29/06/2020 Hongkong – Launching BOT – Blockchain One Touch
  • 11/29/2020 Singapore – Launching electronic banking and digital banking ecosystem: ECOBANK
  • 12/2021 Dubai – Launch of Smart City Smart City and Global Citizenship.


With clear planning and direction, ECOWORLD Inc. is taking its steady steps on the path of continuous development. Ecoworld takes technology as its priority and always let the world know its vision to the future. Its core values of sustainable development are : “Quality – Prestige – Integrity – Professionalism”.

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