Articles in Vietnam talk about blockchain

Blockchain has emerged in Vietnam in recent years and has attracted a lot of attention from the government as well as businesses. The media as well as social networking sites, constantly mentioning. At the same time, it comes with promises of the revolution that blockchain will bring to businesses in Vietnam.




What do articles in Vietnam say about blockchain?

According to the article at newspaper. This technology of great strength in Vietnam seems only to have taken very cautious and slow steps. However, this technology has great potential and can thrive in the future.

Electronic newspaper wrote that: Blockchain technology has been successfully applied at HSBC. Helps reduce transfer time from 5-10 days to 24h. This has made a tremendous success in the banking.


hsbc blockchain


Beside that, this technology has also attracted the government’s attention in creating an e-government. The government is very interested in using this technology to create a transparent system to be able to control resources more effectively.

According to The current Singapore government has paved the way for Blockchain technology companies to develop in the country.

Grasping that trend, Vietnamese enterprises have also gradually researched and applied this technology. Typically in Vietnam, Ecoworld Group has developed and applied Blockchain technology in the field of real estate. Typical is the Ecopoint application. This centralized app and shared properties integrate with modern A.I technology. The system will search and display properties as well as meet the needs of buying – selling – leasing of the market. Ecoworld also launched the Ecoshare super app to link and create an ecosystem that connects businesses together.

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